Sunday, May 27, 2012

Uncle Gack.

My little brother is about to celebrate his 29th birthday--guess that doesn't make him so little anymore--he is also about to become a daddy in just 8 short weeks. Most importantly, he is one of Kaden's favorite people to see when we come home. Kaden talks about Uncle Gack a lot. Every police car we see, its Uncle Gack. Doesn't matter if we see 10 within 10 minutes, they are ALL Uncle Gack!

I wanted to wish my little brother a very happy birthday and I figured the best way to do that would be to post a picture of his newest hobby…

Growing a mustache. A nasty, disgusting mustache! At least its for a good cause, all for charity! I would certainly recommend not keeping this around one day longer than he needs to because one might confuse him for a horny old man that likes little boys!

Happy Birthday Officer Hartley. I'll make sure to hold on to this picture and let Madison use it to get exactly what she wants! Never to early to teach a little blackmail! 

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