Saturday, May 19, 2012

A LIttle QT Time.

I had been wanting to get out and take some "real" birthday pictures of Logan but for the past 5 weekends we have been swamped-buying a house, selling a house, a baby shower, a first birthday and a few out of town work trips... So this weekend we decided to clear the calendar and just have a relaxing, quiet family weekend. To get a few things done around the house and to play with the kids. Daddy took Kaden and had some one on one time at Costco and I took Logan down to the West Bottoms for some QT picture time. And as an added bonus, Becky brought Colton too. He just turned three and she was need of some updated pictures too.

We divided and conquered. She snapped away at Colton and I snapped away at Logan. Once in awhile we switched just to see if we were able to get a different reaction. The boys did great and we were in and out before the rain started. 

Here is a little (or not so little) preview of what we were able to capture today. Pretty sure these boys just happen to be the cutest one year old and three year old that I know!

Look how much fun this guy was having…

And my cute nephew, Colton. 

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