Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

We are still enjoying our extended weekend at my Mom and Dad's and this morning we were able to take part in a beautiful Memorial Day celebration and remembrance at Mitchell Cemetery. We honored those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and their families, those who fought before us and those who are still fighting now for our wonderful country. The flag was at half mast. Dozens of smaller flags lined each and every soldiers grave, my Grandpa Earl's included. It was beautiful. It was heartfelt and I found myself holding Logan a little closer than normal as he sat there on my lap in the grass as we listened to the 21 gun solute. Everyone of them, HEROES. Thank you just isn't enough…

After a wonderful start to the morning we decided to get a little water time in before nap time. Both kids were pretty tired but we figured if we added a little water to the mix they would perk up for a little bit and then take a SUPER long nap. Mission accomplished. For the second straight day, they took a 3+ hour nap and actually Logan is still going! This NEVER happens at home--maybe its because we don't have any blinds in our house yet…and maybe that is why they wake up so early too. Interesting.

Anyways, back to the fun in the sun. Grandma Sara had purchased a Waterpillar that hooks on the end of the hose and her hopes were high that the kids would just love it. They didn't. Luckily they had a little pool and some bubbles. For the next hour or so the kids soaked up as much water as they could, literally, we had no swim diapers. Logan wasn't really an issue, he felt safest outside the pool (right there with you buddy) and Kaden finally just went without the heavy old diaper. His trunks were a tad big and we had a little plumber issue but hey, its not as though anyone could see him! 

I had to take a second look at this picture, for a moment I thought I saw Neil Smith!
Finally we just put Logan's trunks on him.

Now we are gearing up for the rest of the family to arrive for some of Dad's famous burgers and fries. I hear a new gourmet hotdog made it on the menu to and we all know how much I love hotdogs, especially if it has cheese on it! 

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