Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Frame Worthy

About a week and a half ago we had a few family pictures taken by the VERY talented Katy Gitto Photography. I just happened to be perusing FB one evening and noticed that she had a cancelation on a mini-session so I swiped it up. I figured it had been awhile since we have had family pictures done and I have some frames needing to be filled in the new house.

I wasn't sure what to expect. I had never worked with Katy from Katy Gitto Photography but she was AWESOME. She used a number of great animated voices that kept the kids attention and they hammed it up for her. Kaden has never smiled like this before! She also had access to great location for the pictures and since we went at 7, we had the golden hour to shoot with! Some how she even managed to make me not hate myself in the pictures. It was a delight and I can't wait for our fall shoot--and trust me, Justin is excited too! Thanks Katy!

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