Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bye-Bye Bottle

Tonight Logan said farewell to the bottle. At bedtime that is. We transitioned him away from the bottle at all times of the day except for the one bottle at night and the periodic bottle in the wee, and I do mean wee hours of the morning about a month ago. And it has been no secret that Logan has never really been the best sleeper. He never got the hang of sleeping through the night, he would wake up, sit up and cry. I would go in and soothe him and hand him a bottle and in a matter of 10 minutes we were both to sleep. I babied him but he is my baby so I was cool with that. But ever since he turned the big ONE, he hasn't woke up once during the middle of the night. I am not sure what it was but whatever it was, I am forever grateful. There might be a teeny, tiny piece of me that misses getting up and caring for my little guy but then I remember how nice interrupted sleep just really is. Oh how I have missed you!

Now that we have made the transition to whole milk and moved away from bottles with Logan, why not keep the transitions going? Up next, Kaden and potty training. Our dear Miss Brenda will be taking vacation at the end of the month so I figured why not take off work and do a little potty training. I'll probably regret it seeing how it will probably be more work than if I was at work but the thought of not having to double up on diapers is SOOO appealing! Wish us luck. And yes, I'll document every last trip to the bathroom!

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