Monday, April 2, 2012


Justin turned 31 today--That's right, I married an older man and I didn't even think twice about it. Ha!

Last year at this time Kaden and I were enjoying a trip to the zoo with Grandma Sara. Daddy, well he was in Houston watching the Final Four. You only turn 30 once and why not do it the right way, in Houston, with your buddies (and not your super pregnant wife), with a weekend full of basketball. He had fun or so he says but I have yet to see a single picture from that weekend. Then again, maybe that is a good thing... 

Fast forward a year later and things are much different. We are watching the game but as he lays there on the couch in a dark living room with only the TV and computer giving off light, I blog. We are completely impartial to who wins this game. It would be nice to see KU win for the simple fact I live in Kansas but then again, we are headed to the SEC and it would benefit our new conference for a UK win. So on this 31st birthday for my husband, we sit and watch, and I dream about what could have been for our Tigers. 

But back to my husband and wishing him a proper birthday. Since this day is suppose to be all about him I figured I would give a little glimpse into a day in the life of his wife, yup me. (I can spin anything and make it all about me).

I am usually one of the last ones up, only beating Logan. Justin has already gotten up and taken a shower, gotten Kaden out of bed and given him a cup of fruit loops, got him dressed and a movie is playing while he checks his morning emails. I finally get up, get in the shower and I start my morning routine. While in the shower, Justin gets Logan up, dressed and starts his breakfast. 

Once I am ready to walk out the door, Justin grabs Logan and carries him out the door to the car for me (the guy is getting HEAVY!). I buckle Kaden in and then Justin gives us both our kisses goodbye for the morning. 

I usually get an email or two while at work asking what I would like for him to cook for dinner. He runs through a quick list of what he has at home and what he can make with it and then we settle on a menu. The afternoon goes on and I pick up the kids from daycare. I pull in the driveway and half the time he meets me outside to carry Logan in. The other half, he is in the kitchen putting the final touches on dinner. He does it again. Manages to put an amazing meal together with ingredients that I wouldn't even begin to know what to do with. 

And although I probably could have done this one on my own and he didn't really have all that much to do, he did the grocery shopping to make sure that this happened. While in Columbia over my birthday back in February, his aunt, Barbara, made some BBQ pulled port sandwiches and used these thin buns and it was the most delicious BBQ sandwich I have had. Luckily for us, Jake smoked a pork butt on Saturday and we got to take a few leftovers home with us. Justin warmed it up, added some BBQ and pulled this delicious sandwich together and with a little added cheese, it was top notch. And again, he didn't do a lot for this particular meal, but he pulls things together like this all the time. He does all our grocery shopping, prep work and cooking. I am spoiled.

Once dinner is done he typically cleans up the kitchen as I give baths to the kids and as of late, he might have to head outside to mow the lawn. As I put the kids to bed, he is often folding laundry. Then and only then does he sit down and relax. Oh wait, no he doesn't, he feeds the dogs and then lets them out one last time before bed and then he sits down to relax.  

To sum it up in four words. He. Does. It. All. And to top that, when I travel, he steps up and takes over my part too. He is a wonderful husband and a great father. He not only holds this family together but he pushes us forward. And hopefully even though you got to see a glimpse of a day in my life, you were able to see just how much this man does for our family and more importantly for me. I won't lie, it isn't always butterflies and unicorns in our house, some time it is far from it. There are things that he does that just DRIVES me nuts, sets me off or rubs me the wrong way. But the love I have for the man doesn't quiver a bit. And I know most of the time I completely take everything for granted that he does and to be frank, as I am typing this I am finding myself asking what it is that I do.  I know I contribute and I pull my weight in different ways but it makes me realize just how much I need to let him know I appreciate him and everything that he does for us. We wouldn't be where we are without you honey, thank you.

Happy 31st Birthday to the best husband and daddy we could ask for. 

And thank you Janet for raising such a wonderful son. He can be a handful but so is our oldest son and my love only grows for him on daily basis too. 

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