Monday, April 23, 2012

A Proud Moment

Over the last few weeks, well since we have been in the new house, we have started allowing Kaden to stay up a little bit later than his normal bedtime of 8. Logan still goes down around 8 which allows us to have a little extra time with just Kaden. It makes a difference for us and more importantly for him. We spend our time playing Memory and dancing-the kid has moves! Around 8:45 we start the countdown on how much time he has until we head upstairs for night-night. Our usual routine consists of pulling back the covers, running over to the books and choosing one or maybe he gets lucky and we read two, he jumps into bed, I tuck him in and make sure Mickey is right next to him and then I proceed to read him the story. We laugh as we turn the pages and as I bring the book to a close I hear "One More Mommy?" and I gladly read it again but just once and then I make sure the covers are pulled up tight--gotta keep him safe from the alligators and I turn the lights off and shut the door. Pretty normal routine but we like routine so we stick with it.

Tonight, things were a little different. We played Memory. We danced. We got him into bed and had our book out and ready to go but this time he read to me. Yes, he pointed to the pictures and "read" to me. It wasn't like he didn't need me there quite the opposite actually. He needed me there so he could show me just how big and smart he is. It was at that moment that I realized exactly that- just how 'big' he really is. One very proud Mommy moment.

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