Thursday, April 5, 2012

Me Do It.

"Me Do It! Mommy, me do it."

Is a reoccurring theme around the house. It doesn't matter what it is, he wants to show just how big he is and that he can do it all by himself.

Putting laundry in the washer. "Me do it."

Carrying an empty diaper box downstairs. "Me do it."

Baking cookies. "Watch me do it, Mommy."

Opening the car door. "Me do it"

Putting his socks and shoes on it. Yup, you guessed it. "Me do it."

Our biggest little guy is one very independent little dude and he likes to makes sure that his daddy and I are reminded of it each and every time he gets his chance to.


"Daddy did it." "Royce did it." "Ms. Brenda did it." or even "Mommy did it." are also some of Kaden's favorite phrases of late. Ask him how he got the scratches on his knee and he will say "Daddy did it." Daddy may not have even been near him but he sure got blamed for it.

The other morning as I was getting him dressed I noticed a little red handprint on his stomach. The size of a toddlers. I was worried. I thought that maybe he had been hit the day before at daycare by one of the other kids but Ms. Brenda hadn't said anything and she gives us complete rundowns of their days. But I went ahead and asked Kaden about it and his response, "Royce did it." I knew this wasn't true because Royce wasn't even at daycare the day before! Being the overprotective mother I am, I asked Ms. Brenda about it but when I pulled up his shirt it was gone. After running back the image in my mind we concluded that it was Kaden's hand (the thumb was on top and it was on the right side-no one else could have done it) and he had just been laying on it. But again, it was Royce or at least it was Royce in Kaden's little mind!


Lets talk about his actions. Pouting, thats a tricky one. Not for him. He is great at it. Its tricky for me. Half the time it infuriates me when he pouts. Pouts for no reason at all. The dog walked in front of him. We say no to the third cup of Fruit Loops. Pout, pout, pout. We always get the big, one armed 'ah shucks' motion with just as big of a huff but if we are real lucky, we get the double 'ah shucks'. This is where I get in trouble, when the double 'ah shucks' comes out and especially when he does it twice in a row just to make sure that I saw him. I smile a little. Maybe I even giggle too. I try and leave the room before he sees it but its too late. He saw me, caught me red handed and he laughs and does it again. 

Life is interesting, to say the least, with a toddler. Especially our Kaden. Each day it is something new but the one thing that remains consistent, his lovey dovey personality. He's always good for a few dozen hugs and kisses. 

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