Sunday, April 1, 2012


Its amazing how excited two people can get over a little fence. It's nothing fancy. Four feet tall with black spindles. Like I said, nothing fancy. But man does it look good. And, oh how the dogs are going to love actually seeing what is on the other side of a fence for once.

It had been about a week since we last drove by the new house so on Friday night we decided to grab a Little Caesar's pizza and breadsticks, head out to the house, take a quick look and then have a picnic. As we pulled up to the house, there it sat…

Doesn't it look good? All ten feet that you can see!

After we got an up close look at our latest addition we jumped back in the car to find our dinner spot. We headed to the lake that is right next to our subdivision but frankly, we couldn't figure out where to park so we kept driving. We decided we would stop at the first park we spotted. Well, that park, just never showed up. But we did end up making the most out of it. Lemonade out Lemons, RIGHT?

We turned right into our new emergency room parking lot and headed out to the grassy knoll, plopped down and served up the pizza. It might not have been what we had imagined for our picnic but it turned out pretty perfect. Kaden ate his weight in breadsticks and even Logan got to try some pizza dough for the first time.

These food packets are the best thing EVER. 

Guess what tonight marks? The last full week at 8806. Boxes are packed to the brim. I can't find a pair of shorts for the life of me (not sure I own any but if I do, no idea where they are), they boys are tired of playing with the few toys that I haven't packed up and the house just seems so cold with all the photos down. Its only a matter of days now until we get to unpack those boxes and everything gets to fine a new home. Stressful? Yes.--Just ask Genevieve (the masseuse) who worked out so many knots out of my back.--Totally worth it though! 

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