Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Break.

I needed to take a break and it was as simple as that. We have box after box stacked from floor to ceiling in every room in the house. Clothes that have yet to be thrown in a box and toys still to be packed. Basically there is A LOT to be done before the movers come on Friday but I needed a break. And what better way to spend my break than to blog while watching a little Bones on DVR. And what better topic than my kids. The two things that can take my mind off of anything and just make me smile. Even if the past week has been the most difficult week of raising a 2 1/2 year old that we have had. And when I say difficult, I mean pull-my-hair-out-I-am-going-to-scream-difficult. Yet somehow, even with a terrible two attitude, he is able to be the sweetest boy I know. Take last night for instance, I get home from the airport just before midnight and decide to go in and kiss him goodnight, make sure he has Mickey and to tuck him him nice and tight. He wakes up a little says "Hi Mommy. I love you" in the quietest, most sweetest voice I have heard but he isn't done, he says "Lay down here." I crawl in bed beside him and he wraps his tiny arms around my neck and tells me he loves me again. And I cry. Being his Mommy is one of the best jobs I have. 

My other favorite job, Logan's Mommy. My littlest guy has me wrapped around his finger. He has the most chubbiest cheek that just make you want to pinch them all day. They droop just enough to give him the 'chipmunk' look and when you add his perfectly pouted lips, you have an insanely adorable 11 month old. I know I am partial but who wouldn't be with a face like this…

Over the last month he has perfected his walking and it is safe to say that we have a full fledge walker at eleven months. He loves to walk around with a ball in his hands throwing it in front of him and then walking to get it and then throwing it again. It isn't like he doesn't fall but when he does, he does it so gracefully. Pretty amazing actually. 

Have I mentioned how great my kids are yet? Cause they are! They are growing up entirely too fast making this Mommy's ovaries ache like no other but Little Logan will have to wait to become a big brother for a little while longer. With the new house and all the projects we want to accomplish, we don't have time to think about another baby. So until we do (maybe in another year), I'll just make sure to get my baby fix in with all the new babies being born over the next few months and cherish the moments that I have with my two boys cause before I know it, they won't be so little anymore.  

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