Monday, April 16, 2012

4 Days Later...

and we have a home. A fully functional, every box unpacked and put away, sleep through the night and wake up happy home! We are exhausted and can hardly keep our eyes open tonight but it is all done. I can go back to work now knowing that our new home is organized and I won't have to come home from work and work more on getting the house together. Instead I get to come home and play with the kids. In the front yard, in the backyard, in the playroom-anywhere and everywhere!

If you would have asked me on Thursday if we would be where we are tonight, I would have laughed. Both Justin and I took off Thursday to close on the house, we were ready but unfortunately, we were kind of the only ones! We ran into a few problems with an appraiser and our closing wasn't looking like it would close after all. When we thought the day had been wasted we got a call from our Insanely AWESOME real estate agent and she told us to get our butts (not her actual word) to her office and we would get the papers signed. When it was all said and done, we got 'er done and most importantly we didn't have to tell the movers not to come the following morning.

Everything from Friday morning until now is a complete blur. Not only did we move but I helped through one of my BFF's a baby shower and unlike myself, I was up until the wee hours of Friday night pulling decorations together. Cutting, molding, sewing, fluffing. After the shower (which will get it's own post) it was back to the new house, home. My mom and dad were in town helping with the kids while Justin and I continued to unpack and unpacking we did until about midnight. Sunday it was more of the same, unpacking and a birthday party shoot at 1. Then it was back home for our first little get together. The house wasn't ready for a party but I don't think our guests minded and for the first time in a number of days we just sat back and relaxed. I would leave the last few boxes for another time and I would sit back with a drink in hand and watch my boys run around the yard with their friends. It was perfect and it was a great dry run for all our future get togethers.

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