Sunday, April 22, 2012

The 2nd One.

Today was our 2nd, 4th anniversary. The one that really only I celebrate since Justin says March 17th is the real one but thats okay, I can happily celebrate it with the other men in my life, Kaden and Logan! We were hoping that this weekend would be the first weekend were we could relax a little but no such luck. We have spent the entire weekend working on the both houses, the old and the new.

At the old house we had nail holes that needed to be filled, rooms that needed to be cleaned and a couple rooms that needed to be painted. Justin also went back over today to work on the garage and the yard. I won't lie, I won't sugar coat it, it was hard to say good-bye. As I walked through the house one last time I cried. This was where we became newlyweds. This was where we brought our boys home too. This is where we became a family. We spent the last seven years here and we did our best to make it a home. So really it should come as no surprise that I cried a few tears. Justin's mom kindly took a few pictures of us in front of the house trying to capture the past seven years of memories into one shot…

And then it was off to the new house. A few of the guys helped Justin finish up unpacking a couple trailers and filling up the garage so that we could go through each box one by one deciding what we would need and what we could live without…donations. As Justin delivered the trailer back to the rental company this morning the kids and I took on the task of finally hanging some of our favorite pictures and frames. The house may have felt like home before but it has a total different feeling once a few things are up on the walls. Actually, I wasn't sure it could feel any better but better it is. Here are a few sneaks at the work we got done today… 

A couple things to note:

1. The BARE walls on the first picture. I have yet to figure out what to do on either side of the fireplace /mantle. It is such a big space so it really needs to make a statement but yet not distract away from the TV either. PINTEREST? I think so…

2. The large picture still sitting on the floor in the dining room. We had this picture at the old house but we didn't think we would be able to use it here but to our surprise it fit perfectly in this nook. A little buffet table below it and we will be on our way!! The reason it is still on the floor, I can't hang that big of a picture, the BIL/Pro contractor will do that one.

3. 4th Anniversary Gift. A traditional 4th anniversary gift would be fruit or flowers and lucky for us we were given flowers just the other day by Korie and another from my Mom and Dad as housewarming gifts. The modern anniversary gift-appliances. Check that one off too. We bought one another a new fridge for the new house and garage door openers, those count right?! The celebratory gift, ideas and symbols. What bigger symbol can we give to one another than to say good-bye to one house and hello to another. We are putting our roots down and couldn't be more excited for what the future holds for us and our family here in our new neighborhood.

Happy Anniversary to my husband. It has been a great 4 years. Life is good.

And only 365 more days until we are back at the very same beach celebrating our 5 year. Think Justin will renew his vows?!? And yes, that statement made me laugh too!

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