Friday, March 2, 2012

Where Have You Been

All My LIFE?!?! Today was a big day for me. I purchased a REAL pair of sunglasses and they came in! Some of you might be thinking-Really, Kayla, Sunglasses? Whoop dee doo! You see, I wear glasses. I have contacts but for some reason I prefer glasses. I am not sure why, I just do and I wear them all day long-except at night of course. And it never fails, every summer and on sunny fall/winter days I am jealous of any girl prancing around in her avaiter sunglasses, shielding her eyes from the blaring sun, looking all cute and trending. Well not any more! Not after I found out I could buy a pair of prescription sunglasses. And now you're thinking-Kayla, where have you been? This isn't something new! And my answer-I have NO clue but I am sure glad my co-worker, Sarah, told me about this place she found.

I decided I should check it out. What did I have to lose? And you know what-I hit the jackpot. Thanks to my flex plan and my eagerness to put WAY too much money towards it this year (was hoping for Lasik but I'm just not the greatest fit) I was able to splurge on not only a new pair of eye glasses but a SWEEEEEEEET pair of sunglasses too. Check these babies out!

It started off cloudy and snowy today but in typical KC weather it cleared up and was sunny and 50 by the end of the day and I got try these babies out. LIFE CHANGING! 

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