Monday, March 26, 2012

A Typical Weekend with a TWIST.

This weekend wasn't really much different from any other weekend. I had a couple photo shoots. We got to celebrate one of Kaden's friend's birthday and play at the park. We got to get outside for some much needed fresh air after a weeks worth of rain. We worked on projects for the new house and packed a few more things. We The kids napped. But there was one thing that made this weekend, not our ordinary weekend. Logan. He made this weekend so much BIGGER than any other weekend. He took his first real steps Saturday afternoon. There he was holding onto the ottoman and I held out a toy and he came walking after it. One step. Two steps. Three Steps. Down. We were both pretty surprised. So of course you know what I did next. I plopped him back on his feet and reached my hands back out for him to walk to me. He started off pretty good but once he had that first step done, he got way too excited and fell head first. From then on out we couldn't get him to string two steps together, he was over it. And I was bummed. I didn't even get a chance to get it on video! And if he only did it once, can I actually call it "walking". Maybe it was a fluke. Maybe I was hallucinating. Maybe it will be another month before he tries it again or maybe not…

Maybe we would all be down in the living room. Maybe he would wait for me to get my phone and maybe just maybe he would take more than just three steps. Maybe he would take 5, 6 or 7…

And then maybe he goes BOOM.

The kid is fearless. He popped right up and went back to playing with his trucks and the frog that he was carrying in his mouth. I think it is safe to say, it won't be much longer and we will have a full fledge walker on our hands. Can you say mixed emotions? I may be super proud of my little guy to be walking at 10 1/2 months but it also means that he is that much more independent. 

And here are a few snap shots from our weekend…

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