Thursday, March 29, 2012

Take A Seat.

Ever since I decided to paint our gently-used-but-new-to-us kitchen table with chalkboard paint, I have been looking for the perfect chairs. Wait, lets back up, if you haven't seen my latest Pinterest Project you can check it out here, where you can actually click on the inspiration and it will give you the quick run down on how I achieved the look myself. But for those of you who prefer pictures over clicks, here is the table...

I really wanted chairs that were just as unique as the table but that wouldn't take away from it at the same time. Complimenting but not distracting. I also wanted something that would be budget friendly but something that didn't look ubber cheap too. I found these on Pinterest and fell in love. 

But certainly not with the price. These bad boys were $135.00 a piece and I couldn't imagine spending that sort of money on just chairs. I mean really, for that price they should have come with a heated seat and then we might be getting close.

So my search continued. I found a really cute green chair from Crate and Barrel for only $199 a piece. Would these not look totally perfect around our table?

But again. The price. What is so special about these chairs? After a few weeks of scouring the internet-Amazon, Home Decorators, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn and numerous other sites the hunt finally came to an end today. I found these beauties on Overstock (Thanks to my personal shopper, Sarah, who really found them).

And the best part. Wait for it. Wait for it. They came in a set. A set of 4!! And I got them all for just $204 plus a measly $1 for the shipping! I think I will call that a success. And in just two weeks time we will be spending out last night at 8806 and making the big move the following morning to the new house where we will get to set this all up for the first time!

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