Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kaden vs. Logan

When we first learned that Logan was a boy and not the girl that I desperately wanted, I was bummed. I had my girls name picked out and now the naming rights were going to my husband. Plus I had this super cute Little Sister South shirt that would go unused. But like everything else, things happen for a reason and if I only have little boys from here on out, I will be very happy and extremely blessed.

There are so many reasons why I love having two boys but one of the best reasons, I get to reuse Kaden's clothes on Logan. I still buy Logan new clothes -thanks H&M-but for his day to day clothes and other special occasions, I get to dig through the tubs. Today was one of those days. We are working on Logan's birthday party and we needed some new pictures for his invitation. I pulled out one of the shirts that Kaden wore in his 9 month pictures, that also happened to be on his first birthday invitation, and we headed outside to the front yard.

To me, Kaden looks like a little man whereas Logan looks more like a baby. Kaden had enough hair that you actually had to make sure it was lying down right. Logan really only has hair on the back of his head and what hair he does have is shaggy. The one thing they share {besides the shirt and jeans}, they both have big piercing blue eyes. See for yourself…

Kaden Oliver

Logan Beckett

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