Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandpa.

Happy Birthday Grandpa Earl! You're 88 today and I hope you are spending your day in Heaven doing all the things that you love.

A trip to Judy's (Heaven has a Judy's right?). Listening to some friendly town gossip and jumping in just once in awhile to share your thoughts, but mostly you're just soaking it up. Then it is off to comb the fields with Ben Hur, the best hunting dog in the world. You'll get the call over the radio that the dogs have trapped the biggest pack of coyotes known to man and you and your buddies will go down in history as the best coyote hunters alive. After a very successful day of hunting, you'll come back to your favorite chair for a little nap only to wake to a meal fit for a King. You will be surrounded by those that went before you and who have waited for the day they could celebrate again with you. You will end the day with a little game of pool all while watching us on TV. Because you can do that in Heaven, it's pretty sweet or so I've been told.

Make it a great day Grandpa. Love you dearly and miss you lots.

I love this picture of Kaden and Grandpa Earl. They both are in their overalls and Kaden has a firm grip on Grandpa!

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