Monday, March 12, 2012

Another Pinterest Project.

Thankfully, Saturday was nice enough that once we had the kids down for their nap my mom and I were able to start on a few projects for the new house. With her help, I was able to prime both the wrought iron bed for Kaden and a table that Justin picked up for our breakfast nook in the new house. Both Craigslist items. Both pretty cheap. And both were inspired by none other than Miss Pinterest herself.

Unfortunately it rained all day on Sunday so I wasn't able to get the bed back out and work on it but the table was a different story. I had already painted the pedestal so all that was left to do was paint the top with chalkboard paint. It took only two coats of paint and we are ready to put it to work.

I forgot to snap a before picture of the table but it looked a little like this….

My Pinterest Version:

And although it is currently sitting in our basement, not being used, I can't wait for our first morning in the new house and to have breakfast around the table. Kaden scribbling away, drawing Mater and McQueen and Daddy cooking pancakes. I hope this table will be the center of many, many family meals where we share our roses and thorns from each day.

You'll have to come back and check out what we decide to go with for chairs. Not sure if I want something simple and plain, sleek and modern, a bright color or a neutral color. So many choices and only a few weeks to decide.


  1. That is an awesome idea! Love it! I'm currently redoing our dining room table that I purchased cheap. I think I'm going to do this as well!


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