Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Pinch of This and a Little of That.

We started this week off the only way a week should be started off-a day off from work! Thank you Mr. Washington, Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Adams, Mr. Kennedy and the remaining 38ish Presidents. You sure know when a girl needs a little bit of a break. So what did I do on my break? Stay home with the kids? Nope. They went to daycare. This mom took a little time to herself and did a little shopping-the last shopping that I will do for a very long time! Silly me decided to give it up for lent so I guess it was a good thing I got my last fix in right before Lent started. After picking up the kids from daycare we went over to Grammy Janet's to have our belated Valentines dinner and the boys surprised me with a few yummy cupcakes. Yellow cake and chocolate icing-my favorite and it seems like they just might be Kaden's favorite too.

Tuesday it was back to work for us but the kids got to go on a special field trip at daycare. They have been learning about transportation and this week was Trains. They got to visit the Olathe Great Mall and see all the wonderful train sets and then had lunch at Fritzs'. The boys seemed to have such a great job and Ms. Brenda was impressed with Kaden's backseat driving skills. He even tried telling a lady that was pulling in to park next to them to STOP but she kept smiling and waving at him and ran right smack dab into the curb. And I thought girls were the ones who stopped traffic! 

Logan has learned a couple new tricks this week. He has had a little bit of a cold and a pretty good cough. Justin and I have done the old fake cough and he just giggles and giggles. Tonight, he finally figured out how to give us a good old fake cough back. Pretty sure he finds himself funnier than he does his mommy and daddy. 

I mentioned before that he has been waving bye-bye but wasn't sure if he really understood what he was doing. Well scratch that, he knows exactly what he is doing. 

And give this kid a ball and he is entertained for hours. Roll the ball back and forth with him and you might just get to experience one of the best joys in life. The kid goes nuts. 

Outside of having some much needed family time we have been showing the house most every night and we are keeping our fingers crossed that all the hard work in cleaning the house on a daily basis and getting the dogs out of the house will pay off very soon. We might not be able to make a move on our dream house for a number of months still but it doesn't mean we stop trying to sell ours. Might just have to move in with the dear MIL. Three adults, two kids, and three dogs-not a problem! 

Anywhoo, thats a little snapshot of what we have been up to and tomorrow it is off to Carthage to Papa Tom and Grandma Sara's for me and the boys. Lots of fun to be had, I mean, we are potty training so we should have some great stories there! Wish Kaden, well all of us, LUCK!

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