Saturday, February 25, 2012

Last Minute

I love when last minute plans end up being better than what you already had going on. Its like the icing on the cake. The cheese on my extra long chili coney. Like finding twenty bucks in your favorite pair of jeans weeks later. Basically, the Bee's Knees.

It all started when we arrived at Grandma and Papas, potty training was on. It was an every thirty minute trip to the bathroom whether he had to go or not. We took turns, first my mom then me and so forth. 1 jellybean for trying, 3 for going. It was a long afternoon. Two accidents and he may have had one little success or so he said he "went". Maybe he wasn't ready for this. Maybe in my mind he was and maybe all of those times he has said he needed to go and was successful, well maybe those were just anomalies. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe-but we fought on. In our Micky Mouse underwear and all.

Once we were all settled in and Kaden was in his routine, I headed into town to grab some Taco Town Cheese Dip. Nothing more needs to be said for those who know what I am talking about but for those who don't. You. Are. Missing. Out. This just might be the best cheese dip known to mankind. Eat it hot-Amazing. Eat it cold-Delicious. A few years ago they closed the place down and you could just see a little bit of the town die. Fans started a SAVE Taco Town website and with a little bit of love and some folks that will go down in Carthage history, they reopened their doors. Different owners but same old cheese dip. For the first month or two they had lines 45 minutes deep to place your order-CRAZY NUTS but so worth it. Now everything is back to normal and the Cheese Dip is as good as it ever was!

Now why this long drawn out story about cheese dip, well it was while I was on my way to pick up this cheese dip that I called my sister to talk about a little gossip. {Kayla tid-bit--If you don't know me well, know this, I like to gossip. I admit it. Its not my best quality and I don't do it maliciously but I enjoy a good gossip session. Who doesn't?} So back the to story, it was then that I learned she and Rob were without the kids and I thought it would make perfect sense for her to come to Mom and Dads and hang with us and the boys. She agreed. The came and brought Bretters with them. For the next few hours we all sat around the table telling stories. Jennifer and Rob, Zack and Lindsey, Me and the boys, Mom and Dad. These stories that we were telling, well they have been told time and time again but each time they manage to get a little better and we laugh a little harder. And sometimes we even learn a few new things about life when my parents were growing up.

In between stories we were entertained by no other than Kaden. All we had to do was put on a little LMFAO and the kid gets to shaking. He shakes it a little to the left and he shakes it a little to the right. WIGGLE, WIGGLE, WIGGLE. He was in rare form and then it happened. He was still like a statue and looking at me with uncertainty and then down at his leg, he started crying. Through his tears he told me that he peed. Poor guy. We ran to the bathroom, jumped on the potty and just sat there for a minute. After the tears passed we went back to a diaper. It was right before bedtime and frankly, he needs more time. Okay, I need more time. Just not sure I am ready for this whole potty training thing, we will get there, someday.

Even with the not so successful potty training night, I had one of the best evenings that I have had in a very long while. There is just something about being surrounded by your sister and brother and just being able to sit down and talk about anything or nothing at all. To watch my oldest son scream Brett's name as he walks into the house. To watch my oldest nephew sitting there playing with Logan and Kaden as I have done so many times with him when he was that small. Now that boy is 14 and as tall as his Uncle Zack at 6 ft. My how times have changed but I am so very thankful to be able to come HOME.

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