Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Half Birthday Kaden

Today is Leap Day. Tomorrow is March 1st. Somewhere in between Kaden turns 2 1/2. Yes, I have a two and a half year old on my hands-how is that even possible? Kaden is the sweetest, politest, most loving little boy that I know. He also throws the best tantrums.

It wasn't long ago that I spoke about wanting more. More kids. Four to be exact. But as I sit here and type this I find myself going back and forth between more kids and no more kids. Had we waited till Kaden was 2 1/2 to have had Logan, he may never have came. Don't get me wrong, the good far out weighs the bad. I wouldn't change a thing about his personality. But it can be draining and it can make for an extremely long day, outing, car ride, diaper change, whatever it may be. And the last couple of days have been a little tougher than normal. He is well into the Terrible Two's. Tonight was different. It was a good night. We got home, sat down to dinner and told Kaden that if he ate all his dinner we had a surprise for him. He ate every last bit. Sat patiently while I pulled out his surprise. A cupcake.

His eyes were big. There was a whoa. 

We sang. He blew out the candle-even though there wasn't one-guess he figured there should have been! And for the next few minutes he was in cupcake heaven.

Happy Half Birthday Kaden. I am so very blessed to have you call me mommy. Love you to the moon and back.

Did you notice the blog got a new look?! The super talented Katie from Loves of Life (check her blog out-she is super cute, has an adorable little family, especially her little girl and she is expecting baby #2) created this for me. Thanks Katie, I love the new look!!

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