Thursday, February 9, 2012


There is no other way to put it. We are disappointed. It is no secret that our house is up for sale. We haven't sold it but have had some great feedback and a good amount of traffic. Time to get serious so today, it will be listed with our agent and this makes me happy. It took a lot of work to have the house up FSBO and if it had worked out quickly, great but life continues to get busier and busier for us and we need someone to work on this full time.

So then why the disappointment? Over the last few weekends we have went house hunting. We have picked a few of our top contenders out and we sat up appointments. The first round we visited a few up north, we liked them but nothing stopped us in our steps. Nothing felt like "home". This past weekend was a different story. We had our eyes on what looked liked THE house but just to make sure we looked at two others in the subdivision that we also thought we might like. We quickly realized that they weren't going to make the cut but we still had THE house left to see. As soon as we pulled into the drive of the third home, we knew. We were "home". The in person lived up to the pictures and what the pictures didn't show, was just as good. We went room to room talking about where our furniture would go, which room would be the boys, what we could do here and what we could do there. We left knowing that we didn't want to lose out on this house and had our agent submit an offer. All day and all night long I had knots in my stomach. I couldn't sleep at night, I had way too much running through my head. By morning, I literally felt like I could puke, I was so nervous. But that isn't anything new. I am notorious for getting so nervous I throw up. My junior year in highschool, I threw up during halftime at about 80% of our basketball games. Coach would be giving his halftime speech and I would be puking in the bathroom. They would have my water and gum ready for me and I would check myself back into the game. It's what I did. So in a weird way, this feeling was comforting.

They stated that it would be a few days and they would get back to us. We got our answer on Tuesday. The bank was NOT accepting any more offers. The IRS had now become involved and the bank was totally caught off guard. You see, this was a short sale but we had been told by the selling agent that the house had already been approved by the bank. We thought we were good to go and then the darn IRS had to get involved. Enter DISAPPOINTMENT.

Bad News. It could take months for whatever this is to be worked out. Good News. We might get another shot at the house. We just don't know when. It does give us a little more time to sell our house but it also gives us more time to wonder if we will end up with it or not. I know things happen for a reason and something much larger than us is controlling this one but WAITING is hard. Will it be ours or will we have to go back to the drawing board knowing that the next house won't even begin to compare.

Keep your fingers crossed it all goes our way.

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