Monday, February 13, 2012

A Birthday Weekend.

So maybe being thirty isn't all the much different from being 29. I woke up and started my day just like any other day and it pretty much ended like any other day too, in bed by 10. Now, I know what you're thinking, way to go all out on your birthday, Kayla.  But truthfully, it was just how I wanted to end my day. For the last week, sleep has not been in my vocabulary, so if I could have spent the whole day sleeping, I would have.

I told my husband that all I wanted for my birthday was a night out on the town with him. I wanted him to plan it  and the only request I made was that we go to The Melting Pot for dessert. We started out the evening with a few cocktails at Kona prior to to sitting down and eating dinner. We feasted on sushi, calamari and edamame but we made sure to save room for those brownies, strawberries and rice krispy treats with all that yummy chocolate! Sadly, I completely underestimated by self-control and the bartender didn't just bring out two extra plates of brownies and rice krispy treats, he brought out THREE and you better believe I didn't let any of them go to waste. It was a great evening, thanks honey.

It was up bright and early on Saturday. We had to run home, get the house ready for a showing and then we were off to Columbia. You see, Justin has a pretty special aunt and uncle that live in Rocheport who just happen to be two of the biggest MU fans that we know and ARE certainly the reason that Justin is such a MU fan. Because I knew Justin was working hard on making my 30th birthday special, I wanted to do something special for him. I couldn't think of anything better than a MU basketball game so I emailed his lovely Aunt Barbara and asked if they knew of anyone that was wanting to sell their tickets. It wasn't but a couple hours later and her and Uncle Charlie had made a few phone calls and had two tickets heading our way and I couldn't wait to surprise Justin with them. I let him open the tickets and I was right, he was pretty stoked to be heading to Mizzou arena to watch our #4 MU Tigers take on #6 Baylor. Thanks Barbara and Charlie, you guys are something else! We had amazing seats, right across from the bench about 12 rows up. What made this even more special, Justin and I were in Columbia at another basketball game 5 years ago almost to the day, my 25th birthday and the day that he proposed. Pretty amazing to look back over the last 5 years and see just how much our lives have changed and all for the better. 

Last but not least, my gift. I told Justin that I didn't want anything for my birthday about a few weeks ago, well that isn't totally true. What I wanted, wasn't something that he was going to be able to give me. I wanted our house sold and for some miracle to happen and the other house to land in our lap. Hey a birthday girl can wish, right?! Justin didn't seem to listen and I won't lie, I was kind of happy he didn't because he gave me a great birthday present. He bought me a new lens for my camera. I have been eyeing an 85mm fixed lens for a little while now knowing it would make the perfect birthday present and by golly, it did. He actually put it in my purse hoping that I would stumble across it but that bag is ALWAYS heavy so I didn't notice the extra weight. He put my keys in there to find, Kaden found them first and yet again, I didn't look. I went shopping, got my wallet out and again, didn't notice. He finally had to tell me to take a freaking look in my purse. So very excited to get it out, start playing with it and put it to use for two shoots next weekend! 

Thanks honey for a wonderful birthday. My thirties are sure to be better than my twenties and they'll bring lots of excitement with you by my side. 

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