Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Half Birthday Kaden

Today is Leap Day. Tomorrow is March 1st. Somewhere in between Kaden turns 2 1/2. Yes, I have a two and a half year old on my hands-how is that even possible? Kaden is the sweetest, politest, most loving little boy that I know. He also throws the best tantrums.

It wasn't long ago that I spoke about wanting more. More kids. Four to be exact. But as I sit here and type this I find myself going back and forth between more kids and no more kids. Had we waited till Kaden was 2 1/2 to have had Logan, he may never have came. Don't get me wrong, the good far out weighs the bad. I wouldn't change a thing about his personality. But it can be draining and it can make for an extremely long day, outing, car ride, diaper change, whatever it may be. And the last couple of days have been a little tougher than normal. He is well into the Terrible Two's. Tonight was different. It was a good night. We got home, sat down to dinner and told Kaden that if he ate all his dinner we had a surprise for him. He ate every last bit. Sat patiently while I pulled out his surprise. A cupcake.

His eyes were big. There was a whoa. 

We sang. He blew out the candle-even though there wasn't one-guess he figured there should have been! And for the next few minutes he was in cupcake heaven.

Happy Half Birthday Kaden. I am so very blessed to have you call me mommy. Love you to the moon and back.

Did you notice the blog got a new look?! The super talented Katie from Loves of Life (check her blog out-she is super cute, has an adorable little family, especially her little girl and she is expecting baby #2) created this for me. Thanks Katie, I love the new look!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Last Minute

I love when last minute plans end up being better than what you already had going on. Its like the icing on the cake. The cheese on my extra long chili coney. Like finding twenty bucks in your favorite pair of jeans weeks later. Basically, the Bee's Knees.

It all started when we arrived at Grandma and Papas, potty training was on. It was an every thirty minute trip to the bathroom whether he had to go or not. We took turns, first my mom then me and so forth. 1 jellybean for trying, 3 for going. It was a long afternoon. Two accidents and he may have had one little success or so he said he "went". Maybe he wasn't ready for this. Maybe in my mind he was and maybe all of those times he has said he needed to go and was successful, well maybe those were just anomalies. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe-but we fought on. In our Micky Mouse underwear and all.

Once we were all settled in and Kaden was in his routine, I headed into town to grab some Taco Town Cheese Dip. Nothing more needs to be said for those who know what I am talking about but for those who don't. You. Are. Missing. Out. This just might be the best cheese dip known to mankind. Eat it hot-Amazing. Eat it cold-Delicious. A few years ago they closed the place down and you could just see a little bit of the town die. Fans started a SAVE Taco Town website and with a little bit of love and some folks that will go down in Carthage history, they reopened their doors. Different owners but same old cheese dip. For the first month or two they had lines 45 minutes deep to place your order-CRAZY NUTS but so worth it. Now everything is back to normal and the Cheese Dip is as good as it ever was!

Now why this long drawn out story about cheese dip, well it was while I was on my way to pick up this cheese dip that I called my sister to talk about a little gossip. {Kayla tid-bit--If you don't know me well, know this, I like to gossip. I admit it. Its not my best quality and I don't do it maliciously but I enjoy a good gossip session. Who doesn't?} So back the to story, it was then that I learned she and Rob were without the kids and I thought it would make perfect sense for her to come to Mom and Dads and hang with us and the boys. She agreed. The came and brought Bretters with them. For the next few hours we all sat around the table telling stories. Jennifer and Rob, Zack and Lindsey, Me and the boys, Mom and Dad. These stories that we were telling, well they have been told time and time again but each time they manage to get a little better and we laugh a little harder. And sometimes we even learn a few new things about life when my parents were growing up.

In between stories we were entertained by no other than Kaden. All we had to do was put on a little LMFAO and the kid gets to shaking. He shakes it a little to the left and he shakes it a little to the right. WIGGLE, WIGGLE, WIGGLE. He was in rare form and then it happened. He was still like a statue and looking at me with uncertainty and then down at his leg, he started crying. Through his tears he told me that he peed. Poor guy. We ran to the bathroom, jumped on the potty and just sat there for a minute. After the tears passed we went back to a diaper. It was right before bedtime and frankly, he needs more time. Okay, I need more time. Just not sure I am ready for this whole potty training thing, we will get there, someday.

Even with the not so successful potty training night, I had one of the best evenings that I have had in a very long while. There is just something about being surrounded by your sister and brother and just being able to sit down and talk about anything or nothing at all. To watch my oldest son scream Brett's name as he walks into the house. To watch my oldest nephew sitting there playing with Logan and Kaden as I have done so many times with him when he was that small. Now that boy is 14 and as tall as his Uncle Zack at 6 ft. My how times have changed but I am so very thankful to be able to come HOME.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Pinch of This and a Little of That.

We started this week off the only way a week should be started off-a day off from work! Thank you Mr. Washington, Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Adams, Mr. Kennedy and the remaining 38ish Presidents. You sure know when a girl needs a little bit of a break. So what did I do on my break? Stay home with the kids? Nope. They went to daycare. This mom took a little time to herself and did a little shopping-the last shopping that I will do for a very long time! Silly me decided to give it up for lent so I guess it was a good thing I got my last fix in right before Lent started. After picking up the kids from daycare we went over to Grammy Janet's to have our belated Valentines dinner and the boys surprised me with a few yummy cupcakes. Yellow cake and chocolate icing-my favorite and it seems like they just might be Kaden's favorite too.

Tuesday it was back to work for us but the kids got to go on a special field trip at daycare. They have been learning about transportation and this week was Trains. They got to visit the Olathe Great Mall and see all the wonderful train sets and then had lunch at Fritzs'. The boys seemed to have such a great job and Ms. Brenda was impressed with Kaden's backseat driving skills. He even tried telling a lady that was pulling in to park next to them to STOP but she kept smiling and waving at him and ran right smack dab into the curb. And I thought girls were the ones who stopped traffic! 

Logan has learned a couple new tricks this week. He has had a little bit of a cold and a pretty good cough. Justin and I have done the old fake cough and he just giggles and giggles. Tonight, he finally figured out how to give us a good old fake cough back. Pretty sure he finds himself funnier than he does his mommy and daddy. 

I mentioned before that he has been waving bye-bye but wasn't sure if he really understood what he was doing. Well scratch that, he knows exactly what he is doing. 

And give this kid a ball and he is entertained for hours. Roll the ball back and forth with him and you might just get to experience one of the best joys in life. The kid goes nuts. 

Outside of having some much needed family time we have been showing the house most every night and we are keeping our fingers crossed that all the hard work in cleaning the house on a daily basis and getting the dogs out of the house will pay off very soon. We might not be able to make a move on our dream house for a number of months still but it doesn't mean we stop trying to sell ours. Might just have to move in with the dear MIL. Three adults, two kids, and three dogs-not a problem! 

Anywhoo, thats a little snapshot of what we have been up to and tomorrow it is off to Carthage to Papa Tom and Grandma Sara's for me and the boys. Lots of fun to be had, I mean, we are potty training so we should have some great stories there! Wish Kaden, well all of us, LUCK!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Holy February, Batman!

It seems like yesterday that I started my ten day countdown for my birthday and yet here we are, ten days after and I am not sure which way is up, down, left or right. The days have all ran together and I am flat out exhausted. And just when you get excited for the weekend and to have a little down time as a family, the calls start coming in. House showings and for the next hour we are running around like madmen picking up toys, straightening pillows and spraying the crappola out of the Fabreeze before loading the boys and the dogs up and heading over to the MILs. Like I said, EXHAUSTED.

So I thought that I would take a quick second before I pass out on the couch and let you know what we have been up to, besides showing the house...

I mentioned that for my birthday Justin got me a new lens. I have used it for a couple of the shoots that I had this weekend and on the dogs. Speaking of dogs, I don't think we give these dogs as much credit as they deserve-they are amazingly gentle with our boys. They follow the boys everywhere. Partly because they love the boys but mainly because they are hoping for food crumbs to be left behind. Their biggest fan, Kaden. Everyday when we leave the house he yells "Bye Stoli, Bye Brodi." One more thing that he does that just melts my heart. And our home, just wouldn't be a home without them.

A friend and fellow blogger over at miss priss {lil sis} and me found a great way for little kids to "paint" toast on Pinterest and when she blogged about it, I filed it away in my save-that-for-a-rainy-day folder. Well it wasn't really rainy, heck it wasn't cold either but it just seemed like the perfect time to paint some toast. We pulled out a few glasses of milk, dropped a few drops of food coloring in and Kaden began painting his edible artwork. And he just couldn't waste any of the milk, he had to finish it off all by himself. Thanks Kendra for the great idea and for always sharing all of your great ideas too!

Lately, Kaden has developed an even bigger personality. Is that even possible?! He still allows me to pick out his clothes but when it comes to his hat and his shoes, its all him. One of these days, I won't get any sort of say…

Funny thing is, he has hated this hat for about 3 months. I tried to get him to put it on, NOPE. Wanted nothing to do with it. I just tossed it aside with all the others and now, he won't take it off. Guess he just needed it to feel like it was his bright idea all along. Typical man for you! Oh and what this picture doesn't show, his bright yellow rain boots which just happen to be on the wrong feet!

Logan has two of the BIGGEST teeth that I have ever seen coming in on top. They both have finally broke through so he is sleeping a little better now but the drooling is at an all time high. And last week, the little guy was a little wobbly trying to walk back and forth along the furniture but not this week-SPEED DEMON. And the stairs, those are a thing of the past. He is starting to wave bye-bye, not sure he knows what it means but he at least has the motion down. 

The past three weeks have brought three work trips, a number of house showings, a thirtieth birthday and some wonderful outings with friends and the boys. Its been busy. Good busy but busy. And I won't lie, I am looking forward to a week with no travel and a little road trip back down 71 to Papa Tom  and Grandma Sara's with the boys this weekend. This mommy needs to be taken care of by her mommy! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

All You Need Is Love

**Disclaimer-I am fully aware that tomorrow is Valentine's Day but unfortunately this Mommy has work meetings all day and a work event at night so we decided to celebrate this evening since we would all be together.**

I haven't always been the biggest fan of Valentine's Day. Honestly, I might be one of those rare females who fully believes that this was a holiday designed by retailers to gouge their prices and boost their sales. Any other time during the year I could walk into any flower shop and spend twenty bucks on a dozen roses, at most, but this week, those same flowers will cost you four times as much and probably won't last as long. And another thing, while I am on this tiny rant, my birthday just happens to be around Valentine's Day making getting flowers on my birthday not that special and a big waste of money. Luckily, my husband knows me well and always just brings home the flowers from Price Chopper, they are just as pretty, they last a tad longer and don't break the bank. So for all those reasons, among others, Valentine's Day is pretty much just like any other day. Pretty much….

With kids, it gives it a whole new meaning. I get to buy fun shirts for the boys. I get put together cute, little valentines for all their friends at daycare. Buy another "Baby's First Valentine's Day" card and save it in his baby book. And take photos to share with their Grandmas and Papa. So Grandma Sara, Papa Tom and Grammy Janet, these are for you. We love you very much and your real gift, well its on the way...

And a big thank you to Pinterest, once again, for it provided the inspiration for both the goodies for Kaden and Logan's friends at daycare and for the little gift they are giving to Ms. Brenda.

Last but not least, well heck, I'll just let the pictures tell the story.

*Grandma Sara, don't be upset, Kaden has an extra bunch with your name all over them-you just gotta come and visit him and Logan.

A Birthday Weekend.

So maybe being thirty isn't all the much different from being 29. I woke up and started my day just like any other day and it pretty much ended like any other day too, in bed by 10. Now, I know what you're thinking, way to go all out on your birthday, Kayla.  But truthfully, it was just how I wanted to end my day. For the last week, sleep has not been in my vocabulary, so if I could have spent the whole day sleeping, I would have.

I told my husband that all I wanted for my birthday was a night out on the town with him. I wanted him to plan it  and the only request I made was that we go to The Melting Pot for dessert. We started out the evening with a few cocktails at Kona prior to to sitting down and eating dinner. We feasted on sushi, calamari and edamame but we made sure to save room for those brownies, strawberries and rice krispy treats with all that yummy chocolate! Sadly, I completely underestimated by self-control and the bartender didn't just bring out two extra plates of brownies and rice krispy treats, he brought out THREE and you better believe I didn't let any of them go to waste. It was a great evening, thanks honey.

It was up bright and early on Saturday. We had to run home, get the house ready for a showing and then we were off to Columbia. You see, Justin has a pretty special aunt and uncle that live in Rocheport who just happen to be two of the biggest MU fans that we know and ARE certainly the reason that Justin is such a MU fan. Because I knew Justin was working hard on making my 30th birthday special, I wanted to do something special for him. I couldn't think of anything better than a MU basketball game so I emailed his lovely Aunt Barbara and asked if they knew of anyone that was wanting to sell their tickets. It wasn't but a couple hours later and her and Uncle Charlie had made a few phone calls and had two tickets heading our way and I couldn't wait to surprise Justin with them. I let him open the tickets and I was right, he was pretty stoked to be heading to Mizzou arena to watch our #4 MU Tigers take on #6 Baylor. Thanks Barbara and Charlie, you guys are something else! We had amazing seats, right across from the bench about 12 rows up. What made this even more special, Justin and I were in Columbia at another basketball game 5 years ago almost to the day, my 25th birthday and the day that he proposed. Pretty amazing to look back over the last 5 years and see just how much our lives have changed and all for the better. 

Last but not least, my gift. I told Justin that I didn't want anything for my birthday about a few weeks ago, well that isn't totally true. What I wanted, wasn't something that he was going to be able to give me. I wanted our house sold and for some miracle to happen and the other house to land in our lap. Hey a birthday girl can wish, right?! Justin didn't seem to listen and I won't lie, I was kind of happy he didn't because he gave me a great birthday present. He bought me a new lens for my camera. I have been eyeing an 85mm fixed lens for a little while now knowing it would make the perfect birthday present and by golly, it did. He actually put it in my purse hoping that I would stumble across it but that bag is ALWAYS heavy so I didn't notice the extra weight. He put my keys in there to find, Kaden found them first and yet again, I didn't look. I went shopping, got my wallet out and again, didn't notice. He finally had to tell me to take a freaking look in my purse. So very excited to get it out, start playing with it and put it to use for two shoots next weekend! 

Thanks honey for a wonderful birthday. My thirties are sure to be better than my twenties and they'll bring lots of excitement with you by my side. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nine Months Old.

Mr. Logan turned 9 months old about a week ago so this post is a little bit late, but better late than never, right? We decided to wait until this morning for a quick photo shoot for a number of reasons. One-I had a busy week of travel last week, B-the kiddo just hasn't been feeling all that well and his eyes are a tad red and 3-I was hoping that I would be getting a little something for my birthday that I could try out!

I'll start by saying this-taking pictures of your own kids isn't the easiest thing to do. Then add on top of that a 9 month old that doesn't really like to sit still, a 29 month old trying to get in the middle of the photo op and a cramped space to work with and you have a Mommy that is a little on edge. But we fought through it and I think we got a few cute pictures that we can work with! 

In the last month, Logan has conquered the stairs. He has started walking along side the furniture and he is even letting go and standing all on his own for 5-10 seconds. This baby boy is growing up way too fast but we are loving every minute of it. Dr. Rawson said that he is a very cute and healthy baby and gave him two thumbs up. She gave us the go ahead to start working bread, cheese, yogurt, bananas and really any other finger food small enough not to choke on, into his diet. He loves bread but then again, that doesn't really surprise me because his brother can often be found with a couple slices of bread in his hand as a snack! Logan has also gotten a little more vocal and although he doesn't consistently say MaMa or DaDa, he sure knows who we are and always has the biggest smile to greet us with. Love me some Logie!

Logan's Numbers
Weight: 20 pounds 11 ounces - 50th percentile (down from 75th)
Height: 28 inches - 45th percentile (down from 75th)
Diapers: Size 3 and then Size 4 at night
Clothes: 9-12 months or 6-12 months at GAP.
Likes: Vanilla Custard and Mac & Cheese
Dislikes: texture, we are having a real difficult time with this!

and just a couple of his Big Brother Kaden.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Story of Us: {Linked-Up} From Mrs. to Mama

Next week is going to be jammed packed--which will be no different from this past week. It was from KC to Orlando back to KC to LA and back once again to KC, all in a weeks time for this traveling, working mama. It was great to get out on the road but I certainly missed my family. A LOT. And since next week will be just as busy with work (only one trip in my near future though) I thought I would get a jump start on Valentine's Day. I was perusing a couple of my fav blogs while sitting at the airport yesterday and ran across Erin at Blue-Eye Bride who {linked-up} to From Mrs. to Mama for this fun little survey. Thought this was a perfect way to tell our little story…

1. How long have you and your significant other been together? We met when I was 18 and he was 19. Had a rocky start but we count it. So lets see, that makes 11 years. Wow, that not only seems like a really long time, it is a really long time!

2. How did you meet? {What's your "love" story?} We met after Yell Like Hell at the Sig Ep after party. He asked where I was from, I told him the name of the town and then he asked if I knew of a certain someone. My roommate, Ashley and I just looked at each other and laughed. He had just named my ex-boyfriend and it so happened that they lived next to each other their freshman year in the dorms. He proceeded with "You're the girl that he went home to see every weekend!" I remember being on the dance floor with Bombs of Bagdad blaring over the sound system and the floor moving from so many people jumping up and down. We flirted a little, said hi when we ran into each other around campus but it didn't grow into anything more until months later.

3. If married, how long have you been married? If not, is this the guy you hope to marry? {do tell} We were married twice. Once on March 17, 2008 and then again on April 22, 2008.

4. If you are married, where did you get married at? Big or small wedding?  If not, where would you like to get married? And will it be big or small? The first wedding took place at the Olathe Courthouse. We wanted to get the paperwork done and out of the way. Turns out, it was very emotional and very moving-even if it was with 3 witnesses and in front of a palm tree.

The second wedding, kind of like a vow renewal, was on the beach in Orange Beach Alabama. We had about 60 of our closest friends and family there with us. We spent an entire week at the beach and on a Tuesday we had the wedding. It was amazing. **My parents (along with the majority of the guests) weren't really aware that the first wedding took place until a number of years later.

5. Do you have any nick-names that you call one another? Do share!
No real nick-names, just "honey". 

6. Name 3 things you love most about your honey. The love that he has for me and the boys. I never doubt it for a second. How big of a mama's boy he is. He may put up a tough fight but he can never say no to that lady. It makes me realize how lucky I am to have boys of my own. Last but not least, his amazing cooking ability-we will never go hungry.

7. Tell us how he proposed? Or your ideal proposal? It was my 25th birthday. We attended the Mizzou, KU basketball game at Mizzou arena and afterwards had dinner at Les Bourgeois. We had the only table in the restaurant that overlooked the entire dining room. We were eating dinner and talking about our future when he pulled out the ring. I was a little caught off guard. Found out later that he had been carrying the ring around in his pocket for over 4 months! 4 months! Guess it wasn't burning a hole in his pocket! In the end, it was perfect and I am glad he waited.

8. Is he a flowers and teddy bear kind of guy for v-day, or strawberrieschampagne, and rose petals? None of the above. He brings home flowers for no good reason except to say "I love you" all the time.

9. Are you a sunset dinner on the beach kind of girl, or pop a movie in and relax on the couch? Pop a movie in and relax. But first, get the kids off to bed.

10. Tell us one thing you'd like to do with your significant one day. If you could do anything? Go anywhere? I would either like to go to Italy, Greece and France or go to Africa on Safari. Take off just the two of us (when the kids are grown) and be those parents that are calling their kids from far off places to check in before we head off on our next adventure.

11. Tell us what you plan on doing on this Valentine's Day. Since Valentine's Day is on a Tuesday and we have meetings at work, we will be celebrating this weekend. It will be a birthday/Valentine's Day celebration. A little Kona followed up by some dessert at the Melting Pot and then a hotel on the plaza. Then we are headed to Columbia to take in a little MIZ-ZOU basketball. Thanks to Grammie Janet for watching the boys!

12. Are you asking for anything this Valentine's day? Just a extra lovin' from all my boys.

13. Give us one piece of advice of keeping a relationship strong and full of love. Take advantage of babysitters, especially the free ones, and have a date night once in awhile. It is amazing how quickly you can get caught up in every day life and forget to take time out for each other.

14.  Show us a picture of what love means to you.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


There is no other way to put it. We are disappointed. It is no secret that our house is up for sale. We haven't sold it but have had some great feedback and a good amount of traffic. Time to get serious so today, it will be listed with our agent and this makes me happy. It took a lot of work to have the house up FSBO and if it had worked out quickly, great but life continues to get busier and busier for us and we need someone to work on this full time.

So then why the disappointment? Over the last few weekends we have went house hunting. We have picked a few of our top contenders out and we sat up appointments. The first round we visited a few up north, we liked them but nothing stopped us in our steps. Nothing felt like "home". This past weekend was a different story. We had our eyes on what looked liked THE house but just to make sure we looked at two others in the subdivision that we also thought we might like. We quickly realized that they weren't going to make the cut but we still had THE house left to see. As soon as we pulled into the drive of the third home, we knew. We were "home". The in person lived up to the pictures and what the pictures didn't show, was just as good. We went room to room talking about where our furniture would go, which room would be the boys, what we could do here and what we could do there. We left knowing that we didn't want to lose out on this house and had our agent submit an offer. All day and all night long I had knots in my stomach. I couldn't sleep at night, I had way too much running through my head. By morning, I literally felt like I could puke, I was so nervous. But that isn't anything new. I am notorious for getting so nervous I throw up. My junior year in highschool, I threw up during halftime at about 80% of our basketball games. Coach would be giving his halftime speech and I would be puking in the bathroom. They would have my water and gum ready for me and I would check myself back into the game. It's what I did. So in a weird way, this feeling was comforting.

They stated that it would be a few days and they would get back to us. We got our answer on Tuesday. The bank was NOT accepting any more offers. The IRS had now become involved and the bank was totally caught off guard. You see, this was a short sale but we had been told by the selling agent that the house had already been approved by the bank. We thought we were good to go and then the darn IRS had to get involved. Enter DISAPPOINTMENT.

Bad News. It could take months for whatever this is to be worked out. Good News. We might get another shot at the house. We just don't know when. It does give us a little more time to sell our house but it also gives us more time to wonder if we will end up with it or not. I know things happen for a reason and something much larger than us is controlling this one but WAITING is hard. Will it be ours or will we have to go back to the drawing board knowing that the next house won't even begin to compare.

Keep your fingers crossed it all goes our way.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Thirty Something.

No, not the television drama about a group of baby boomers in their late thirties. No, this is about MY thirty something. The big 3-0. Even as I type those numbers, my heart starts beating a little faster. Out of all my friends, I am pretty much the last to hit the big milestone and I just figured that it would be "just another birthday" but it sure doesn't feel like it.

I keep thinking about all the great things in which this past decade has blessed me with. My husband. Kaden Oliver and Logan Beckett, the two cutest boys known to mankind. Our first home. My career. Great friends and new family members. And I wonder, how will my thirties even begin to compare? Then again, this exactly what I had always hoped for. I wanted to be married with two kids by my 30th birthday. Mission accomplished. And thus my twenties will go down in the record books as my BEST decade yet.

And you know what? I don't have any goals for my thirties or what/where I would like to be before I turn 40. Is that weird? Why on earth would I have planned out so much of my twenties but not give a second thought to my thirties until now? This day seemed so far away but here it is, just four short days ahead. So instead of laying things out, I am just going to sit back and enjoy the ride. I know there are great things in store for me over the next decade, just gotta have a little faith that things unfold the way they should.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Roses and Thorns

One very prominent first family sits around their kitchen table and during dinner they share their roses and their thorns. Their high of the day and their low of the day. And while people could go round and round about what our President has or hasn't done, I think we can all agree that this is a pretty neat routine. One that we will work to incorporate into our nightly dinners once the kids get a little bit older. So until then, why not share my roses and thorns with all of you.

Thorn: Saying good-bye to Justin and the kiddos. Duty called. 

I am not sure this part of my life will ever get an easier. I hate leaving the kids. I hate leaving my husband. And those 29 miles to the airport are the hardest 29 miles I have to drive. Not too mention how blurry those 29 miles are from the tears streaming down my face. Thats right I am one big, fat whimp! Add a little Brad Paisley's Anything Like Me and you officially have one hot mess on your hands. But I chose this. I love my job. I love the people that I work with and the cities that I get to visit. And I love knowing that the boys are in the best hands possible while I am away-their Daddy's, but all that doesn't make it any easier to leave.

Roses: Kaden's compliment.

A few posts ago, seen here, I talked about manners and how proud I was of my son and the wonderful manners he has picked up. But I am sure that probably doesn't come as a surprise to anyone. Aren't we all proud of our kids? Sure there are times where we might be more proud of them than others but none-the-less still proud.

Justin sent me the below pictures tonight...

Can't help but smile when I read something like this and brag a little...