Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Twenty Twelve...

is off to a great start-thanks to a quick trip to Milwaukee to see our favorite Wisconsinians, The Garretts. I may have just made Wisconsinians up but hey, it sounds good and what else would you call the great people from the Cheese State?

The last time we made the short hour flight to Wisconsin was last February, 10+ months ago and Logan was a little over half-baked. We had an 18 month old who wasn't into sitting still at all, ever, let alone on a plane but we made it. Looking back, that was cake. Now, we were traveling with two kids, a 28 month old (can you believe he is almost 2 1/2-I can't) and an 8 month old (minus a week and two days but who's counting). Two full-size suitcases, Kaden's suitcase he got from Santa, 2 backpacks, a car seat, purse and one Micky Mouse later, we were ready-I think. Notice that we didn't say stroller. Kaden would walk along side us this time and Logan got Baby Bjorned (I didn't it again, man I am on a roller with new words) to Justin. The only meltdown on the way to Milwaukee came as Justin boarded with A15 and Kaden and I had to wait until A26-Kaden didn't want his Daddy to leave him but once on the plane we were good to go. Kaden's new DVD player and headphones worked wonders on the plane. He snacked on M&Ms until we were high enough for the electronics to come out and then he entered his own little world. It was quiet and we even had a few people comment on how great he did-made this traveling mommy quite proud. Logan, well he found some nice ladies two rows behind us and cheesed it up for them the entire time. I am pretty sure they were planning on kidnapping him and taken him home with them! The trip home was pretty much identical except this time Logan managed to get a little nap in.

As soon as we arrived the Garretts whisked us off to lunch. We ate at a very popular lunch spot that when googling "Kid Friendly" it came up as the 2nd pick. We arrived and there were literally maybe 10 tables and only one that could hold our family of 7! We had a little bit of a wait but it was worth it-you should have seen the desserts! Cookies and Cream cupcakes-TO DIE FOR! We ate soooo much and decided a quiet night in was the perfect way to finish our first day in Milwaukee. We forgot that we had a 28 month old, 18 month old and an 8 month old on our hands so it wasn't so much "quiet" as it was loud and entertaining. Logan even showed us all a new trick her learned…

I could eat those chunky rolls!

The next morning brought options. Chicago or the Milwaukee Winter Fest. The weather made the decision for us-a little bit of drizzle mixed in with a little bit of snow and we knew we didn't want to venture out too far. We headed down to the Milwaukee Winter Fest (I was totally under the impression it was outside but was presently surprised to learn it wasn't! Kind of thought the name said it all!) The kids got to ride the Merry-Go-Round and Gisele couldn't get enough. She just giggled and giggled. Kaden couldn't get off fast enough and I was right with him. This Merry-Go-Round was fast, the I-think-I-am-going-to-throw-up-fast, and I am almost certain that was the goal of the individuals who were running it. They had way too big of smiles on their face for what they were doing…

The kids got to enjoy bounce houses, train rides, giant snow globes and they ran around until their hearts were content. Nap time was wonderfully long!

Friday night was boys night at the Bucks vs. Wizards game. JG managed to score some amazing tickets so Tugce and I were able to keep an eye on them all night long. Each time the TV crew panned over to the Wizards bench, we saw the boys. We knew when they got up for a drink, we knew when they got up to go to the bathroom and we knew when they got up to leave-it was better than being there ourselves! And since it was guys night on Friday, it only made sense for it to be girls day on Saturday. Tugce and I headed out to the mall. We shopped for about 5 hours straight. Not looking for any one thing in particular but certainly not passing up any good deals either. It was such a relaxing day going from one store to the next and enjoying a nice lunch without hearing "MMMMAAAAA". However, it was New Years Eve and we weren't about to stay out all night long without our family. We headed back to the house picked up the boys and the kids and made our way to Organ Piper's Pizza. We were introduced to it on our last trip and I thought it would be the perfect way to ring in the New Year with the kids. We ate pizza. We danced to the Organ Piper's music. We played in the arcade. We road a much slower Merry-Go-Round, around and around and around. 

Sorry for the horrible photo-iPhone and no light!
Could my God-Daughter be any more adorable?!?! 
The rest of our time in Milwaukee was pretty low-key. We rang in the new year with NYC after finishing up Hall Pass. (We were lucky to have made it to 11!) We ordered dinner in. We ate dinner out. We sat around in our comfy pants and enjoyed the time with our friends. Honestly, we couldn't have asked for a better trip, I say that every time but it is true. They are the Hostess with the Mostess. They spoil us rotten while we are there and make it so very hard to leave. And just when we don't think it can get any better they walk through the door with a picture of their baby BOY! That's right, Gisele is going to have a little baby brother and I can see it now, it will have Daddy's Kid-N-Play hairstyle from his sophomore year at SMW-dig out the yearbook if you have one, totally worth it!

Thank you guys again for an amazing trip, we are so excited that it is only a measly 5 weeks until we get to see you again! Love you all and miss you already. 

Their matching H&M sweaters!

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