Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Things That Amaze Me

Unfortunately, I had to stay home from work today with a sick little boy. Fortunately, said little boy was full of snuggles. It wasn't long after Kaden got up that he started complaining of his tummy hurting and it struck me as odd but there wasn't a lot I could do. We sat him down on the couch, started a movie and we went back to getting ready so we could walk out of the door on time. In between blow drying and straightening sections of my hair, I would run down and check on him. I even handed him a bowl just in case. I was getting ready to wake Logan up to get him dressed when I heard Kaden crying and I instantly knew what I would be walking down to. The poor little guy was as pale as could be and had just ruined his clothes. We got him cleaned up and the rest of the day was spent watching movie after movie all while cuddling. 

And that, the stuff you just read, well its what got me thinking about some things we do or say as mothers (or fathers) that seem, well, pretty amazing. A few examples. A kiss on a boo, boo. There isn't a day that goes by that Kaden doesn't bang an elbow, stub a toe, or run into something. He instantly runs to me and points to what hurts and says "hurt, here." One little kiss and it's all better. 

The number of times we have watched the same movie over and over. I officially know Tangled, Cars, and Monster's Inc. by heart. I count myself lucky that he has good tastes in movies, I could have gotten stuck watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates or OSO all day. No thank you.

And our little episode today is probably one of the most amazing things a mom and dad can do. We take care of our kids when they are sick. We hold our hands out to catch whatever it is that might be making its way back up. We clean their clothes, the couch, we get them settled again and when everything else is done, we finally clean ourselves up. If it were anyone else, even my husband, I wouldn't be able to do what we did this morning. I would have lost my breakfast or whatever I had in my stomach the moment I got the first whiff. But not when it comes to my kids. Maybe that will change as they get older and are able to make it to the bathroom, brush their teeth and then crawl back in bed without disturbing me (my sister has trained her kids well) but now, I sit there rubbing their back telling them it will be okay. It isn't always the most glamorous job being a mommy but its certainly my most treasured job and I just can't get enough of it. 

Our video playlist.

Don't ask me why he bites Mickey's nose...

Towels. A must to save the couch.

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