Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Trip To The Farm

I have this bright idea. It wasn't my own idea, I borrowed the idea from no other than Mrs. Pinterest but it was still bright and had me all giddy with excitement. I had been searching for a cute way to measure how tall the boys were growing. I love the idea of marking their height on a door frame but if we move, like we are hoping to, that door frame won't always be there for us. I also wanted something that could withstand the test of time and could be passed onto them when they have their own kids. (I can't believe I even said that-my kids having kids, me a grandma, WOW.) I found two idea on Pinterest and I decided to combine them into one.


So the first picture is how I want the project to end up looking like, pretty self explanatory. The second needs a little background to see why it is important to me. The second picture, although pulled from Pinterest, had a guest spot on a blog that I follow. The headboard was made from old wood boards from their grandmothers' fence. Their family was clearing the land and he kept some of the board and turned it into a headboard that will forever remind him of his grandmother. And now I had the last piece of my plan. I would make the kids growth charts (and hopefully a headboard or two) out of wood. But not just any wood, wood from the farm. And not just any farm, my Grandpa Earl's farm.

When my grandpa passed away last year he left 240 acres to my mom and her brother and sister. Most of this land is farmed. Wheat, beans, and field corn take turns being planted and harvested and then when they feel the price is right, sold. Kind of like the stock market. Actually a lot like the stock market.

My mom's land sits on the corner of K Hwy and Ct. Rd 100 outside of Jasper and on the very corner is an old barn and behind that are ruminants of my great-grandparents house. The goal is to clean up and clear out some of the land and sadly the old barn has to come down in order to do that. I had put in my request for some of the wood boards awhile ago and today my dad decided we could see what we could get. We found the perfect pieces. We loosened those perfect pieces-okay so he loosened those perfect pieces. Those perfect pieces, well they didn't get to come home with me. They were a tad too long and fastened to a beam and we didn't have a saw. Who forgets to saw?! Don't worry though, my name is on those boards and I can't wait to start working on my next Pinterest project.

Since I had my camera (don't I always have my camera) I took Kaden over to the old out buildings and we did a quick mini photo shoot. Just wish he was more into picture taking like Little Logie is.

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