Thursday, December 22, 2011

To Wrap Or Not To Wrap-That Is The Question.

Someone just told me that there was NO SANTA! WHAT! The big, jolly, bearded guys isn't real? Why would they do that? Who peed in their Cheerios this morning and made them turn into the biggest Scourge of all? I mean, really! I have been especially good this year and was totally banking on something super special sitting beneath the tree come Sunday morning. Wait, Wait, Wait. Now that I think about it, it all kind of makes sense. Year after year I asked Santa for the same thing, a big sparkling ring and it never arrived. Always thought my letter got lost on its way to the North Pole but now I know it was all Justin-he was the one that didn't get the memo. Good thing he came threw on my 25th birthday!

Okay, okay, so I may have already known about the whole Santa Clause not being real. What age I found out, not sure but I do know that if I didn't believe then I wouldn't be receiving. And if you ask anyone in my family, they will say I was the suck-up (I don't see it but whatever). I certainly made sure that the cards would be stacked on my side and that there was no chance I would end up on the naughty list, whether that be Santa's or Mom and Dad's. Each year got better than the last. The gifts didn't get any bigger, in fact some times they were smaller but they were exactly what I had asked for. One year "Santa" even brought us a puppy. (Looking back I am still not sure how they were able to keep that little yapping Beagle quiet all night long.) We would race to the tree each Christmas morning to see what "Santa" had brought for us and there it would be unwrapped and ready to be played with.

Which brings me to the reason for this post. I had always assumed that everyone's gifts from Santa weren't wrapped. They were just pulled from his bag and placed under the tree. Really didn't even think there was another way. Until now. I have had the same conversation with multiple people and although the answers are similar, they are all still different and very unique. Some gifts were like mine, up wrapped while others were wrapped and addressed to each boy or girl from Santa himself-aka a neighbor's handwriting. One friend's mom didn't really talk about Santa when they were young because she didn't want to lie to them and I can certainly respect that too. Whatever way it is I think it is safe to assume that one continues with the tradition that they grew up with. Which leads me to my current crossroad...what do you do if your tradition differs from your husbands. Generally, I would say create your own or find a happy medium but when it comes to Santa it might need to be one or the other. Why would Santa wrap some and not others? Last year Santa's gift for Kaden was clearly too large for wrapping so the issue at hand never presented itself but now that we could wrap his gift, do we?

Would love to hear what everyone else does with their Santa gifts? Is it a tradition that you have continued or did you create your own?

Look at how little and young Monkey is!

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