Thursday, December 1, 2011

This and That

Finally, we are out of the clear. The colds around here have left the building, well the house. (Did you hear that? That was me knocking on wood!) It was a rough week. Mommy and Daddy haven't gotten much sleep since a certain 6 1/2 month old has been up coughing. We have went through what seems like a million kleenexes and even more trips to the bathroom to wash our hands. But like I said, the nasty, crackling cough and drippy noses are a thing of the past and now lets bring on December. Bring on Christmas. Bring on family winter fun. Speaking of winter and family fun, Katie from LovesofLife just posted her FREE printable Winter Bucket List 2011 and it is full of some wintery cold goodness. You can click here for the Winter Bucket List 2011 and join in on the adventure with us. A big thank you to Katie for sharing this with all of her followers on FB and on her blog-what a sweetie!

H&M, Spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E for this Mommy. Whenever I was traveling to Chicago or Minneapolis and had spare time I would try and duck into H&M and do a little shopping for the boys. Their clothes are aaa-dorable and very inexpensive. When I heard it would be coming to KC I had mixed feelings. On one hand it would hurt my pocketbook. And it almost makes it worse that they are so cheap because what is another $5 and my shopping bag would just continue to grow. And then there is the exclusivity. When there wasn't one here in KC, Kaden had clothes that no one else had. On the other hand, who cares! H&M was here and it has and probably will be my favorite place to shop for the boys. And today, I finally got to check it out. I walked in with high hopes and was not disappointed, even finished up Christmas shopping for the boys and boy are they going to be stylin. Pocketbook hurts but worth it.

Last night we took Christmas to Nanny, Justin's almost 97 year old grandmother. We thought it would be fun to take her out a Christmas tree and let the boys decorate it. As she sat there holding Logan, Colton and Kaden placed a few of the ornaments on the tree-all towards the bottom, all at eye-level. We were hoping that the boys would wear their Santa hats while decorating the tree but they really didn't want anything to do with them until the candy came out. With a little bit of bribing (Yes, I am not above bribing my son when I want something!-No judging and that means you too, Dad!) the boys put their hats on and climbed up next to Nanny for a few quick shots. Unfortunately the light wasn't all that great and the pictures are a tad dark but still so happy we were able to capture these moments.

Logan FINALLY got his first tooth, well it is starting to poke through. We were sure he would get teeth early like his brother but 2 1/2 months after Kaden got his first tooth, Logan got his. Hopefully the others won't be too far behind and we will get through these rough nights quickly. Pictures to come as soon as we can see it better! 

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