Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Special Treat Just For You-My Readers

Pop the champaign and throw the confetti because I just hit 400 posts! WOW was the first word that came to mind but quickly replaced by Blessed. Kind of hard to believe that this is my FOUR-hundredth post. That's like an entire year plus 35 days or its like eating 33.3 dozen cupcakes-WOWZA. Sure, I would have continued with this blog whether or not it was read by anyone else besides myself but because of all the comments (fb, emails, etc.) I have given it a little more time and love. Found a little piece of myself along the way too. So the biggest thanks goes to all of you, my loyal followers. You make this a much more enjoyable experience! And since this is such a BIG milestone for Keeping Up With The Souths, I wanted to do something extra special for you. So special that this has never been done on Keeping UP With The Souths. Are you ready?

Meet Sarah J. As in Sarah J of How Lovely You Are... blog.

Miss Sarah J. is a dear friend and colleague of mine. She also just happens to be the brains behind our living room redesign from earlier this year and she has started her own blog. Is it weird that I may just be a tad OBSESSED with everything about it and her!? Miss Sarah J. is here at Keeping UP With The Souths to do a guest post, to give a little preview of you can see over at How Lovely You Are... Sit back, relax, enjoy a cup of cocoa and prepare to be amazed, cause this girl has some mad skills!

hi everyone! sarah here from how lovely you are...  thank you to my dear friend kayla for asking me to celebrate her huge blogging milestone with you guys!  her introduction to me & my blog was far too generous so i hope i don't disappoint.  i have been reading kayla's blog since the beginning & have loved keeping up with her family, kiddos & projects.  she is truly an inspiration & known around the office as the girl who does it ALL!  i have always considered myself a "blog stalker" rather than a real blogger but that has all changed recently, largely because of kayla's encouragement.  i finally started my own blog in recent weeks.  my husband (m) & i just bought a new house, a major fixer-upper, and i plan to chronicle our progress to share with friends & family.  today, however, i wanted to talk about something else (and something decidedly less expensive than remodeling!).  with new year's right around the corner, i thought it would be fun to share some ideas for inspired NYE celebrations.  i don't know about you, but my days of heading out to the trendiest club to stand around in uncomfortable heels all night are over! i much prefer a celebration with friends & family at some one's home...everyone can chip in to help out & make the evening a celebration of food & friends.  one easy way to celebrate is to host a simple NYE dessert party.  might as well enjoy a few more delicious treats before the resolutions kick in, right?!?!  with minimal effort on your part, your friends can enjoy a variety of gorgeous & sweet treats as you ring in the new year.     

                          Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
to celebrate the new year with friends & sweet treats, ask everyone to bring their favorite dessert and a bottle of bubbly (or wine, beer or liquor if preferred!).  get creative with your displays...after all, NYE definitely calls for some sparkle & fun.  
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest                                            Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

try stacking various cake platters at different heights....a simple way to add interest to your buffet table & display food & decor.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest               Source: via Sarah on Pinterest  

you can keep your the rest of your decorations simple & easy too...try making some banners or bunting with gold-hued paper & sparkles.  paper source, for all you local kc folks, is a great place for inspiration & supplies!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest                   Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

and, if you're like me, just because you aren't venturing out to the trendiest clubs anymore doesn't mean you can't dress the part.  NYE definitely is one night a year that we can all add a little sparkle! although you'll probably find me dressed down in jeans this year, how fun would a sparkly ensemble like this be?!
thanks again kayla for letting me guest post on your blog today & congratulations on your huge blogging milestone! hope everyone has a safe & happy new year's celebration with friends & family!  xoxo sarah

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