Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nineteen Fourteen.

Was the year…

World War 1 began: Austria declared war on Serbia; Germany on Russia and France; Britain on Germany.

George Washington Carver started experimenting with Peanuts. (I can't tell you how many times I got to visit the George Washington Carver museum for field trips in grade school. Lets just say it was a lot and the tour NEVER changed. YAWN.)

The last known passenger pigeon died at the Cincinnati Zoo.

The Boston Braves defeated the Philadelphia A's in the World Series.

and more importantly this spring chicken was born!

That's right, Justin's grandma, aka Nanny, turned 97 years young today. I'll say it again, NINETY. SEVEN, as in three years away from a century! And on Sunday the family gathered for a little surprise birthday celebration. The best present, Justin's Aunt Judy flew in from Florida to surprise not only her mom but Justin's mom too and what a great surprise it was. We sang Happy Birthday and when we were done Nanny continued with the slightly altered version, 'and many more, on channel four'. Perfect. Then out came the candles. I wasn't sure if she was going to be up for blowing out her candles and I knew two little boys that would gladly step up and help but when it came time, she stood up, took a deep breath and out the candles went. She still has it. 

Although I haven't been a part of this family for as long as everyone else, heck besides the great-grandkids I am certainly the newest member, but thats just it, you don't have to be in this family for long to see how much love everyone has for Nanny and the love she has for her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. 

Nanny has been such a big part of her grandkids' lives. She lived with Justin and his mom and dad as he was growing up. (Oh how I would have loved to see my grandma every day...) From what I have been told she was a supporter. She stood behind her family and their decisions, not judging for one second. She had open arms to those that joined the family and made you feel as though you had always belonged which meant more to me than she will probably ever realize. She was a BOWLER and bowled up until her late 80s. She is a die-hard Royals fan and you can still find her sitting in front of a ballgame on any given day during the season. She and her husband built a lake house that we all still get the chance to enjoy and will continue to enjoy for years and years to come. And to be able to take our kids to the very place that their great-grandparents built over 50 years ago and watch them explore and enjoy it just as much as Justin did growing up, now that is something special. She has built a legacy and has lived a very long, fulfilling life and we can't wait to help her ring in her 100th birthday. Happy Birthday Nanny, we love you!

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