Monday, December 19, 2011

Kaden and Logan's Big Announcement!

Thats right the boys have a very exciting announcement to make and I have finally been given the go ahead to put it all out there for the rest of the world to see. Kaden and Logan are going to have…

a baby COUSIN!

That's right. You heard correctly, my little brother is going to be a dad.

Sorry to those of you who thought I had the announcement. I know, it was a mean joke to play but I couldn't resist and besides we are a long ways away from making any announcement on our own so don't hold your breath.

Anyways, we couldn't be more thrilled for my brother and his wife. They will make amazing parents. And you may ask, how I would know that seeing as they don't have any kids of their own yet and I would say two things to you.

1. They do have kids already. Dash and Abby. A cat and dog. (So it might not be the same but it gives them some sort of practice. Right?)

2. And most importantly. They are the best aunt and uncle that a kid could ask for. They have 9 nieces and nephews so they have had a lot of practice when it comes to loving on babies. Kaden adores his Uncle Gack (Kaden lingo). Gack will get down on the floor and play cars or kick balls back and forth or he will act hurt just to get a laugh out of Kaden. Like I said, the BEST!

It will be so nice to have yet another cousin to bring the boys back home too. A cousin that will get to look up to Kaden and Logan like they do to Brett, Leah, Lauren and Blake. And I will get my baby fix. I will be handed a perfect little Baby Hartley (that has a great ring to it) from my brothers hands and get to look down at two little eyes that can hardly stay open and I will get to tell them how much they will be loved by so many people. What an exciting time! Congratulations Zack and Lindsey, we truly couldn't be more proud and excited for you.

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