Monday, December 19, 2011

A Dwindling Pile

Usually when it comes to piles around this house, they are growing. As in laundry or dirty dishes or even toys that need to be picked up. I never really feel "caught up" and most days I don't even feel as though there is an end in sight. Then tonight Kaden went and got his book to unwrap and read. As he was sitting there on my lap turning the pages as I read, I noticed the pile of books I had wrapped and how it had shrunk. I mean, I know that was the point, to count down the days until Jesus' birthday but we went from 29 books to 5 books in what seemed like just days. I find myself trying to figure out when I can do my last minute shopping and if I will have time to wrap those last minute gifts but more importantly being thankful that I am not the one in charge of the food because at this point I am not sure it would get done.

Luckily, we do have a few things to show for my super non-productive self this holiday season. Last Friday we had a Christmas party with my co-workers. We all brought our kiddos which made for a very hectic but entertaining evening. We even had a special visit from the big man in red himself. SANTA. Each of the kids took their turn sitting on Santa's lap and telling him him about their favorite toy they wanted. Kaden didn't want anything to do with sitting on his lap but when it came time to get his present that Santa brought specifically for him he trotted right up and happily accepted it. Logan was his content always.

Dude makes a good Santa!
On Saturday we not only got to watch our amateur bring home the NCAA Division 2 championship trophy {Gooooooorillas} but we also had the treat of getting together with our friends without kids for The Souths and Walshes 3rd Annual Christmas Party. We initially had our gathering scheduled for the Chiefs game (what a fun time that would have been) but due to the oh so wonderful Trans Siberian Orchestra we had to move it to Saturday. We lost a few couples but we still managed to make it a fun time and create a few lasting memories. Thanks Jake for the ever so popular outburst during Catch Phrase!

And on Sunday, we spent the day with the Johnsons. We watched the Chiefs bring home a victory and just sat back and enjoyed the company.

Tonight we wrapped presents. We reread Christmas cards. (I might or might not have post holiday depression when it comes to receiving Christmas cards.) The Elf has been moved (only after Kaden went to bed). Slowly but surely we are gearing up for what is bound to be a great holiday with our families. I see lots of cooking, eating, laughing, playing and most importantly picture taking in our near future and I can hardly contain all the excitement.

What you can barely see is the ice tea between his legs. Takes after his mother. 
Glad he likes this hard plastic giraffe cause he will LOVE what is in his stocking.

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