Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My guy...

Work has been crazy. Crazy good but Crazy busy. Since last Wednesday I have been home only one night to put the boys to bed and if that doesn't pull at your heart strings I am not sure what would. Last night was no different. I had clients in town and we were taking them out to dinner. It was rainy. It was getting cold and I was ready to be home, crawl into bed and count the hours until the little guys woke me up the following morning. To my surprise the biggest little guy was still up when I walked into the house. It was more than an hour past his bedtime but there he was all snuggled up next to Daddy. He was scared. Scared of the thunder. Scared of the lightening and he didn't want be alone. Who could blame him? Certainly not me and I wasn't about to make him sleep alone after being away for so many nights. We kicked Daddy out of the bed and in came Monkey for the night. Each time the thunder crashed he threw his little arms around me and buried his tiny little face into my chest. I hate that the little guy was scared but the selfish side of me sure loved that he needed his mommy. I know the day will come that he won't need me to hold him tight but until that time comes, I am going to milk these thunderstorms for all their worth.

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