Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let's Go To The Movies

Let's go see the stars. Name that movie. Hopefully that only took you matter of seconds since it only happens to be my favorite movie of all time! And it is a perfect intro for this blog post. This morning we went to the movies. Me and Kaden. Kaden and I. A date with my son and it was perfect start to the morning. We played hooky from Happy Feet (soccer) and went and watched Happy Feet 2 instead. We got to the theater, bought 5 tickets and Kaden waited patiently for Becky and Colton to arrive. We then jumped in line at the concession stand got a kids pack for each boy and away they went. One following the other. Stopping intermittently to make sure we were still behind them. We found our seats, the movie theater lights dimmed and the previews begun-all 20 minutes of them! You would think a kids movie would have fewer previews since their attention span falls on the shorter end of the scale but nope, 8 previews in all and a short film! Finally the penguins took to the screen. Kaden started out covering his ears with his hands but eventually he got comfortable and only did that on the super loud parts. He sat in his chair. He stood up and danced. (Luckily he isn't all that tall and it didn't matter if he was standing or sitting.) He and Colton exchanged movie critiques and even swapped spots a couple times. As movie hit its climax the theater got quiet, the movie was silent and one special a little boy cried "Oh No." Yes, that was my son who just did that. He timed it perfectly and the theater full of people just chuckled. We finished the movie off with a little dancing and a standing ovation by Kaden. Okay, so maybe he was already standing but he still enjoyed it and this mommy is looking forward to our next movie date!

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