Thursday, November 17, 2011

It Never Fails

You leave for a few days and when you come home your boys have each learned something new. I knew Logan was close to crawling, I mean, he has been up on all fours for awhile now but up until now he has only been rolling to get where he needs to go. While we were gone he discovered and conquered the army crawl and man can he scoot. Kaden seems to have picked up a little bit of an attitude but also a few new words or at least it seems as though he has. Maybe it is just because we were gone for awhile and missed all that Kaden lingo that he spills out. Man how I missed those baby blues...

When we got home we noticed all the leaves in our neighborhood had found their way into our yard. Yay us! But then I remembered our Fall 2011 Bucket List. Have a photo shoot in a pile of leaves. We (Justin) quickly piled the leaves up and we spent the next half an hour running and chasing one another through the huge leaf pile, even Brodi joined in on the fun. And if you couldn't tell by Kaden's snotty and running nose, it was a tad cold out and the sun was about to go down so we all headed inside to cuddle up and get warm.

It is always a sad day when I have to leave the boys but to come home to two smiling boys from ear to ear, to hugs that could save the world, to a little boy who is so excited that he jumps up and down on my lap over and over and who won't let me out of his site almost makes it worth it. Almost.

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