Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Day To Give Thanks

On the road by 8. That was our plan for this morning. As you can imagine things don't always go as planned with two little ones. Kaden not only got sick last night but he has also caught a nasty cold. So nasty that it has required us to implement breathing treatments 3 times a day. When we put Kaden to bed last night we figured we would play today by ear. He woke up in a great mood, hardly coughing and was excited to see Papa Tom. We were a go. Justin was giving Logan his bottle to ensure a fully and happy baby for the drive but the next thing we knew, he was getting sick too. All over his CUTE turkey day shirt. Our plans officially came to a screeching halt. I was bummed. I was a little annoyed. Why now? Why not tomorrow? All I wanted to was little time with my family. For my boys to play with their cousins and to give a huge hug to two very special people (you know who you are.) I cried. I cried for probably too long but eventually I got over the pity party I was throwing and reminded myself of what today is really all about...

Giving Thanks. When I think about all the things that I am thankful for this year so many come to mind. Our little family of three grew by two tiny feet when Logan was born in May. Not only has he brought a feeling of completeness for our family but he has an endless supply of smiles and coos that make my heart all warm and fuzzy. He also made the other main man in my life a big brother. I can never seem to get enough of watching Kaden interact with Logan. The love that he has for his brother is so pure and beautiful. We couldn't be more proud of how Kaden has transitioned into his new role in the family and for this I am very thankful. For my husband and all that he does for me and our boys. Most importantly for being able to put up with me and love me day in and day out, I know it isn't always easy but he sure makes it look like it is. Our four-legged family members-you are always excited to see us come home and you always know exactly what we need from you. For the family (that I am not with today) but that I know loves unconditionally with all their heart. Who will be there for one another no matter where we are in our lives and what we are doing. For my in-laws that have so graciously made me a part of their family from the beginning. For all of our health. To the men and women who continue to fight for not only our freedom but for others as well. For my job, my hobby (Oliver Beckett Photography) and its clients. Most importantly, I give thanks to God, knowing that without him none of this would be possible.

Here's to another wonderful year and to all the things big and small that we are thankful for and not just today but every day.

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