Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Seven or 49.

One December day at a Pitt State football game a little puppy was placed in my arms. Wait, Wait, Wait. I should back up. I grew up with Rottweilers and even though they were great dogs, I pretty much decided that I wouldn't own an "aggressive" breed of dog because of all the extra steps you take to ensure "everyone else" feels safe. Now fast forward some 10-15 years to the Pitt State football game-I knew Asia had just had pups but we wouldn't be taking one home with us. Who was I kidding?! Once she was placed in my arms, it was done. The only time I let her go was to make Justin hold her to convince him she needed to come home with us. A quick trip to the ATM, PetsMart and we were proud owners of a new puppy.  And Stoli, well she just celebrated her 7th birthday on Sunday. She has the instincts of a mother and if you aren't feeling well she will be right by your side until you are better. She loves to cuddle but she loves sleeping under the covers even more. She allows Kaden to crawl all over her, using her as a step ladder to climb on the couch, as a pony and as a pillow. She is a gentle soul and is always happy to see us when we come in the door. She brightens our days and I just hope she feels as loved by us as we do her. Happy Birthday Stoli. Thank you for being such a sweet and fun-loving dog.

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