Monday, October 10, 2011


Another Pinterest project complete. This time instead of creating artwork for Kaden and Logan's grandparents, I created a wall of frames to house his artwork he brings home from day care. I still am on the fence about the bottom right frame and still looking for an "S" for the oval frame and I still have to find the right clips to hot glue onto the frame-okay so I have a few more things before it is complete but you get the picture. Pun intended. So far we have gotten to hang up a handprint, 5 monkeys jumping in a bed and last week when I got home from a business trip at 11 pm I noticed a hippo had made it on the wall. Love that he is taking part in circle time and activity time, love that he is actually getting home with his artwork but most of all I love being able to look at his masterpieces morning, day and night.

One of my next projects-spray painting that light fixture one very bold color, if I can sneak it by my husband. It would probably take him a month to figure out that something was different and then he still probably wouldn't be able to put his finger on it.

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