Sunday, October 23, 2011

One Wish

I have only one wish-well I have a lot of wishes and they would cover everything from World Peace to Millions of dollars but there is only one wish that I wish to talk about. The need for permanent three day weekends and I am sure I am not alone when it comes to wanting more family time. These past weekends have been filled to the brim with activities which always seem to overflow into the beginning of the work week with no time to relax. Between photo shoots, family time, and laundry there really isn't time for anything else. The sad thing, as I sit here typing, I can't remember Friday. What in the world did we do on Friday! So since I can't remember, we will jump ahead to Saturday.

Saturday was Mommy and Kaden time. While Daddy and Logan stayed home to watch the MU game, Kaden and I visited Pumpkin Hallow at Deanna Rose. We are certainly no strangers to Deanna Rose but we hadn't been introduced to Pumpkin Hallow yet. Best part, we weren't going alone. The firm I work for had their annual fall festival there so we were surrounded by familiar faces and Kaden got to hang out with his buds Jake and Hannah. Kaden's favorite part-the tractors, as always. My favorite part-the hay ride. My big little guy was a trooper. We went around nap time and we left the stroller in the car and although he was Mr. Slow Poke, he was-for the most part-in a great mood. I love watching him explore.

Then there was today. A busy morning-running around getting the kids in their bests and trying to get myself pulled together too. It was family photo shoot day and stupid me figured that I could shoot ours too (with a little help). This turned out to be much harder than I anticipated. Trying to keep a 26 month old engaged and present isn't the easiest thing but thanks to Tiffany and Becky we got it done. Here is a little sneak. 

and my absolute favorite…

And what weekend would be complete without a couple milestones. Logan started his vegetables this past week and loves, LOVES his carrots. And although he is only 5 1/2 months old, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he is crawling within the next month. He is up on all fours and rocking back and forth, back and forth. Kaden didn't show interest in crawling until around 9 or 10 months, so this is NEW territory for us! Makes me a little sad-my littlest little man is getting too big, too quick!

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