Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meet Kiley Ann

Ten fingers. Ten toes. A full head of pitch black hair. Perfect in every way. Last week our good friends (who happen to be major MU fans) welcomed their first child into this crazy but beautiful world. Kiley was born on Oct. 3rd which just happened to be her Mommy and Daddy's 2nd wedding anniversary. Could you ask for a more perfect anniversary gift? Heck, I think I got a Royals half season package…

Like most babies, Kiley just fit. She fit perfectly into your arms and just slept. Making giving her up so hard to do. I did manage to give her up just long enough for Kaden to hold her but for some reason, he didn't have any issue handing her back. I think he was just wondering if this one was coming home with us too! And she would have but I am pretty sure her Mommy and Daddy would put up quite the fight if I tried carrying her out with me.

I mean, look at her. Could she be any cuter? More content? I have said it before and I will say it again, there is just something special about holding a newborn and this mom just isn't sure if she is ready to say we're done. Thanks Kiley for letting me hold you and for giving me lots to think about.

I think Kaden might need a little sister!

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