Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Little Happy Feet

Its official. We have signed Kaden up for this first team sport-SOCCER! The sad thing, this mommy isn't going to be any help when it comes to coaching/teaching. Can you say Soccer 101!? The ONLY thing I know about soccer is that the only person who can use their hands is the goalie and that is only sometimes-I think. But yet I haven't been able to pass down that one little piece of information that I do know to my budding athlete. Maybe we will get lucky and that will be covered on day one. We gotta start somewhere. Or maybe he will just have fun running around with Jacob and Lily kicking the ball back and forth, picking it up and placing it just right so he can make the perfect kick. Of course at this age it is more about socializing and less about competition but I would be lying if I wasn't kind of hoping that Kaden was a natural and tore it up on the 'field'! Happy Feet won't start for a couple of weeks but don't you worry there will be lots of pictures to share!

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