Thursday, October 27, 2011

And a Baby Makes...

We recently had family pictures and as soon as I saw the below picture even I thought I was pregnant! I am talking about 5 months pregnant too. I mean see for yourself…

Told you. I may be crazy, but not that crazy!! Just an unflattering shot. Everyone gotta have one and if they say they don't, their lying. But since we are on the topic of being pregnant and it wasn't a mistake that I named this post "And a Baby Makes" I figured I would share some news that has had me beaming from ear to ear for a number of weeks now. I am happy to announce that not one but TWO of our dearest friends are expecting!! And they are due only a day apart too! 

The first case-And a Baby Makes...Three as in Jake, Jennifer and Baby Walsh! The Walshes are due on May 19th and we couldn't be more excited for them to become parents and their parents to become grandparents. We are so very blessed at the love that they have shown to our boys and we can't wait to show the same love to their little bean. I might be a little more anxious and excited than they are to find out what they are having because one, I have tub after tub full of baby boy clothes waiting to be handed down.  Two, I get to start shopping for a baby again!! Can't wait to watch them take this amazing journey over the next 8-9 months to becoming the family that they have always dreamed of. Love you guys and can't wait to meet your little bean. Oh and thanks. Kaden and Logan both say thank you for the pjs.

The second case-And a Baby Makes…FOUR as in Justin, Tugce, Gisele and Baby Garrett. The Garretts are due May 20th! Now this is a whole different kind of thrilled. Of course we are thrilled they are pregnant and having a baby but I think I am more thrilled for Gisele. Her parents are giving her the most amazing gift in the world, a sibling. I never quite understood this until we had Logan. Yes, it was hard for me to imagine having enough love for both children but that just naturally happened. What I was more worried about was Kaden and how he would react but by watching him with Logan I can see that he has as much, if not more love for his little brother. I wish the same love between Gisele and her little brother or sister. I can't wait for Justin and Tugce to be able to sit back and watch as their two kiddos interact with one another and build a bond only they understand. The one thing that makes me sad in this whole thing- that we aren't closer so that we too could watch all this unfold.  Congrats Justin, Tugce and Gisele-we love you all very much and can't wait to hold the newest Garrett and love on them as well. Face it, your stuck with us. And there is nothing you can do about it! See you all in December-can we go baby shopping?!?!

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