Saturday, September 24, 2011

Small Town Livin'

A toddler sitting on his daddy's lap helping him drive to the post office or the grocery store wouldn't get a second glance in my hometown when I was growing up. That's right ya'll, we pulled many "Britneys" during our young childhood. Heck, on a farm you would certainly see 10 year olds driving the farm truck and feeding the cows, if they could reach the pedals. And if they couldn't, well they would get the crappy job of standing on the bed of the truck shoveling feed and hay. But driving underage with your parents, this was the norm. And when the big day approached for you to finally be granted your driver's license, it was a cinch. We had years and years of practice.

Now, I'm not sure if this is still a common practice or if Britney has ruined it for all of our future generations but I do know, that if Kaden is going to "learn" prior to his permit, its going to be back home, my home and not up in Kansas City! I also figured I had a few more years to think about this and to prepare the don't-turn-the-music-up-too-loud-where-your-seatbelt-at-all-times-never-speed-talk but as I looked out the window I noticed he was way ahead of me and was already making his rounds.

Papa Tom had turned his beautiful yard into a race track of sorts and Kaden was behind the wheel, honking each time they drove by. I know he is only two but I couldn't help to think about the day he turns 16 and having to watch him drive off on his own. Kind of makes my heart skip a beat and I also can't help but hope they change the driving age to 25, just to give me a few more years with my little baby.

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