Monday, September 5, 2011

Just Numbers...

But these numbers might just be the difference between a point guard and a forward or Division 1 vs Division 2! It was time to find out just how tall Kaden would be when he gets older. (Not sure how scientific it is but we have always been told that however tall one may be at 2, that you would be twice as tall when you get older). I think it is time to work not only on the baby hook shot but also our 3 pointers and our crossover-we are going to have a triple threat on our hands!

We took the boys to the doctor's on Friday-Kaden had his 2 year checkup and Logan his 4 month checkup. I was fully prepared to have to hold Kaden down while he was being looked over but surprisingly was in good spirits. So much so that when he got his finger pricked so that blood could be drawn, he didn't even flinch. Logan on the other hand had a few whimpers when it came to get his shots but he was easily calmed down by a few pats on his bottom. By the time we were done the boys had 4 shots, 1 finger pricked, 1 flu mist, 1 oral medicine and 1 lollipop. Both boys got great report cards and continue to flourish.

Kaden Oliver-24 months
Height: 36'' = 95% (double his height at age 2 and we have a 6 footer!!)
Weight: 29 pounds 10 ounces = 70%
Head Circumference: 50 cm = 85% (still a big dome)

Logan Beckett-4 months (Happy One-Third Birthday)
Height: 25'' = 50%
Weight: 15 pounds 11 ounces = 70%
Head Circumference: 42.5 cm = 50%

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