Saturday, August 6, 2011

We do not...

have an olympic gold medalist gymnast on our hands. Today we had a play date with Hannah and Jake at Pinnacle Gymnastics-thanks to our Living Social coupon! But before all the flipping and jumping could start we met up with the Achatz brood at UnForked, a restaurant by Sheridan's. Surprisingly very modern atmosphere with delicious food-just wish they had a kids menu since there were kiddos everywhere and we had 3 that would be eating! After a quick bite to eat we headed to the gym where the kiddo got to hula hoop, walk on balance beams, hang on the uneven bars, do summersaults, and jump on trampolines.

This was Kaden for the first 20 minutes…

He loves pockets!!

Once he observed enough kids playing around he decided to join in on the fun. Hannah may have a future in hula hooping, Jake might have a future with American Gladiators-he loved jumping on and off of everything and Kaden well the verdict is still out. On a side note, that darn balance bracelet that Papa Tom gave him sure came in handy, his falls were far and in between. An hour and a half later the kids were worn out and it was time to go. Hopefully we get to go back soon and this time, avoid the bratty girl that kept stealing their toys and hitting them…

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