Friday, August 5, 2011

Peaks and Pits

When growing up the Kardashians' went around the table each night and told their peak and their pit of the day. I figured I would day the same.  But instead of sharing it at the table with my 2 year old and 13 week old, who could care less. I figured I would share it with you, who probably could care less too but then again, this is my blog…

Pit-came at the airport. I went up to the counter to get my seat assignment and the lady behind the counter was very rude. When I first checked in and they gave me my ticket, they said "when you reach the gate go  directly to the counter and they will give you your seat assignment." Easy enough. I get there, tell them I was told to come to the counter when I arrived and the lady snatched my ticket out of my hand and drew a BIG circle around some super small writing that said I would need to wait 10-45 minutes before boarding for my assignment and then she proceeded to shove it back into my face. Completely, 100%, uncalled for. She wasn't even busy but I wasn't going to let her ruin the rest of my day…onward and upward.

Peak-pulling up to Ms. Brenda's house. I was seconds away from seeing my boys and the anticipation was almost unbearable. I walked into the house and Logan was dozing off but as soon as he heard my voice he woke up and just started smiling and cooing. And then Kaden peaked around the corner. I have never seen him run so fast and straight into my arms he went. He hugged me for so long and I won't lie, it was one of the best feelings I have ever had. When he finally broke free he went to get his shoes and pulled the car seat over and pointed for me to put Logan in. He was ready to go. Before he could get his shoes on though, he was back in my arms for another hug. He knows exactly how to make his mommy's heart melt. All I wanted to do was hold my boys tonight so when it came time for bedtime, we acted as though we didn't see the clock so we could have a few more minutes of snuggle time. I have said it before and I will say it again, I am one lucky Mommy and blessed to have my two boys…

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