Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Goodbye Ones. Hello Twos

Monkey will be turning two in a matter of hours and to be honest, it is kind of hard to wrap my arms around it. Why is it so hard to believe that he is already two? We all know that so much has happened over the last few years, I mean really, I have a squirming 4 month old laying next to me as I type this-shouldn't that be enough? But it isn't. I can remember bringing him home from the hospital. I remember sleeping down on the couch with him in his Boppy right next to me due to his acid reflux. I remember taking him to physical therapy for torticollis. I remember him rolling over, sitting up, crawling, standing and even walking for the very first time-it all seems like yesterday and I will always treasure these moments. But my fondest and proudest memory of Kaden was the first moment he laid eyes on Logan. He was in awe. Just as I was of both of my boys. And in the last 4 months he has become a protector, a teacher, a brother. He has surpassed any expectations. Frankly he amazes me. So tonight after he fell asleep, I snuck in and sat down on his bed, snapped a few pictures and then just watched as he slept…

Kaden, you may not have the most vast vocabulary but you sure make up for it in personality. A day doesn't go by that your daddy and I aren't laughing at something you have done or said. You have a huge heart and although you love to torment the dogs, we often catch you loving on them tenderly. You won't go to bed without your two favorite lovies. You have an extreme obsession over two things-the baby stroller you just got, it must be in your sight at all times. The other, POCKETS. I had put shorts on you the other day that didn't have pockets in them and you just kept saying pockets over and over again. You weren't going to be happy until you got your pockets and because you said please, we switched pants and instantly your mood changed. I am not sure what it is about those pockets but you gotta have them. You have always had pretty good dance moves but within the last 3 weeks those dance moves have gone to a whole new level and you can already dance circles around your dad. You give the best hugs a mom could ask for and your kisses, well lets just say you are the only one that can get away with the added slobber.

You keep our life interesting. I can easily admit that I never knew a love like this existed until you entered our world on one very hot and humid Monday in August. You challenge us each and every day and because of that, we are better parents. We love you to the moon and back, Mr. Kaden Oliver.

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