Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time For A Cut

Justin and I are both big fans of Kaden's flowing locks but they were getting a little out of control, almost as if it were taking on a life of its own. We start off the day with every hair in place and within hours, maybe even minutes, it is just a hot mess. I wish I knew a way to keep it tamed down but along with my blue eyes he received my humidity hating, poof ball popping hair. I wasn't really planning on taking him today because really a few minutes of gorgeous hair might be worth the hot mess but on a whim I stopped at Sports Clips for his third haircut….Sadly, we must say goodbye to the flowing locks…

 We walked in and Kaden was a little hesitant (last time he had tears in his eyes the entire time). I decided to let him sit on my lap and he watched as they placed a cape on me first and when it came time for his, he sat back and didn't resist at all. He watched a little Sports Center on T.V and then watched as the two boys next to him cried and threw their computers at their mom. Before we knew it, he was done and being handed a lollipop. Although we had to say our bye-byes to the golden locks, he still looks pretty cute if I do say so myself. Can you believe how old he looks now?!?! 

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