Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taking you way back...

Way back to the first day of college at Pittsburg State University. Eighteen and no longer at home with mom and dad. Dorm rooms were being unpacked, hallways were a mad house and little did I know that I would meet some life long friends that very first day. My dorm neighbor was a tiny little, fearless girl from Kansas City, well Overland Park but I didn't know the difference then. Keri and I would become great friends and would stay in touch throughout school. After graduating we moved into an apartment together in Lenexa. We had a standing Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday date that included Big Brother (who is excited for it to be starting back up tomorrow-ME!), two bottles of Boones Farm-one for each, a Little Ceaser's pizza with breadsticks and our patio. Our life was as simple then as it ever would be. Fast forward a few years and she just celebrated her 29th birthday along with her 5th wedding anniversary (on the same day) and had her first little baby, a boy named Brecken Lee Landry. Then there is me, Justin and I celebrated our third anniversary and the birth of our second son, Logan Beckett South. Our lives are very different from that first day of college or even 7 years ago when we lived in our little apartment with the mean ladies above us, we are busy with work, family and now our little boys but I am so glad we took the time to have our newest additions to our families meet today. Keri came over with Brecken and then we were shortly joined by Tiffany sans Sophie and then Korie showed up with a smiling and WALKING Madi. It was great to share 'Mommy' stories and catch up on our new lives. And could you not just eat these two little munchkins up?!

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